Maiden of the Depths

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Maiden of the Depths is a minor non-playable character in Fear & Hunger.


According to an old folk tale, the God of the Depths has taken the Maiden of the Depths as a bride, but their union is impossible due to her mortal status. Nevertheless, she endeavors to connect the human realm with that of the divine. Enshrined within the Tree of the Depths, she appears to be in a perpetual state of fusion with the tree at the Dungeons of Fear & Hunger. As the Tree of the Depths serves as a conduit that links the dungeon to the Thicket, it could be interpreted as a representation of the Maiden's efforts to unite these two distinct realms.

Location and behaviour

The Maiden of the Depths can be seen as part of the Tree of the Depths in the Hidden Backyard, which is one of the ways to access the Thicket. There is no way to interact with her, although party members will comment on her while on this location.