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Rev is a game mechanic introduced in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. It is a cumulative point system that can be used in battle to increase battle prowess.


As combat progresses, party members gain 1 Rev point at the end of every turn, with a maximum of 3 points. "Revving up" boosts the damage of physical attacks; some skills also require revving up before being used. After combat ends, Rev points reset to zero and are not carried over to the next battle. Some skills provide Rev points, such as Meditation, which grants +2 Rev points when guarding, and Advanced Occultism, which gives +1 Rev point at the start of each battle, with Greater Occultism adding an additional +1 Rev point at the start of each battle. You can Rev up using PgDn and Rev down using PgUp; these controls can be customized in the settings.

Damage increase

  • 1 Rev point increases physical damage by 30%
  • 2 Rev points increases physical damage by 40%
  • 3 Rev points increases physical damage by 40% and attacks twice.

Skills that require Rev

Skills affected by Rev

Some skills receive increased damage from the first 2 points of Rev. These skills are: