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Note: this article lists content only mentioned in supplementary sources and as such is subject to change before being incorporated into the game series.

Background information
Type Nation
Notable members Count Dragul(ruler)
Locations Lyyra

Warrochia is a nation in the Fear & Hunger series.


Warrochia is one of the border countries situated between Europa and Eastern Sanctuaries and maintains a unique identity despite the significant influence from both sides. The Warrochian people still adhere to their mysterious rites, displaying reluctance towards outsiders. Lyyra, a known location within the nation, is notable as the homeland of Count Dragul, who exerted authority over Warocchia.


  • Although Fear & Hunger 2: Termina briefly references Count Dragul and the region of Lyyra, Warrochia itself is only mentioned in supplementary sources, most precisely in statements made by game creator Miro Haverinen on the official Discord channel of the series.
    • Haverinen has also stated that any content outside of the games is subject to alteration until it is officially incorporated into the series, meaning the name of Warrochia or the provided setting may be subject to change in the future.