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Wiki Rules

See also: Style guide


Below are the community rules for the Fear & hunger Wiki. Violating any of the following rules or doing any unacceptable behaviour may lead to an indefinite editing block.

General rules

In all Wiki, spaces and events, behaviour will be founded in respect, civility, collegiality, solidarity and good citizenship. This applies to all contributors and participants in their interaction with all contributors and participants, without expectations based on mental or physical disabilities, physical appearance, national, religious, ethnic and cultural background, caste, social class, language fluency, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex or career field.

  1. Be polite when interacting with other users. We are all here to work together as a team and as a community. Being polite will go a long way and will make the wiki a happier place to edit.
  2. Given the graphic content of the game, the editor should be at least 18 years old.
  3. Following the Style guide is a preferred option when creating a new page or editing the page.
  4. Any illegal copies of the game linked to will be blocked instantly.
  5. Don't edit others' user pages, as they are generally considered property of the user. You are, however, more than welcome to put whatever you'd like on your own user page, so long as it doesn't violate any rules. If you have an issue with another user's user page, contact an admin.
  6. Don't personally attack other members of the Wiki community in any part of the site, the Wiki should focus on content, not persons.
    If you find any users breaking the rules or vandalizing, we suggest your contact the admins instead of resolving the problem yourself.
  7. Don't make large structural changes to the wiki without telling the admins or discussions with the community; The wiki is a community effort, and discussions will always lead a better result for everyone.

Editing Rules

Encyclopedia style

Using encyclopedic style to write your articles. No first or second person perspectives, opinions, subjections, or any personal bias.
Check your spelling and grammar, and don't use internet slang (ex. "How r u?" or "idk") as well as smileys (ex. "☺️"or "😂") or "emoticons" (ex. ":D"or ":P") in articles.

Ensure content reliability

Ensure your editing is reliable, preferably using <ref></ref> tags with proof of text, or explaining it through explanatory words.
If you are editing content related to the game’s data and effects, please make sure that you have tested or verified the results, never just make up your own guesses.
If the content is related to game's lore, we don’t discourage users to speculate, because the game’s lore is specific, but make sure to mark speculation with appropriate template {{Speculation}}
But the wiki should still objectively introduce the game’s content, and since the lore-related content is very likely to cause edit wars or intense quarrels, we suggest the users to ensure the speculative content you edit is based on the game’s original text that is actually in the game (don't add lore that is based on cut content).


Avoid pointless infobox cluttering. The infobox is about basic info, full info is in the main body of the article.


If you don't know enough information on a topic, an article is far too short, or you know there's more, then add a stub template to it. To do so, just add this to the bottom of the content (a clear line above the [[Category:...]] tags): {{STUB}}, and people will know that it's a stub by looking at the banner on top of the page or by finding it at the stub category.

Talk pages

  • When making comments or asking questions on a talk page, be sure to sign the end with four tildes (~~~~).
  • Always remain civil during discussions.
  • An article's talk page is intended for discussion or questions regarding the article's content. It is not a forum for casual discussion. Game suggestions, personal stories, shout-outs, etc. will be removed.
  • Generally, other users' contributions should not be edited, except for maintenance tasks like fixing links or templates.


This policy is substantially based upon custom signature policy. More details and explanations behind some of these rules, as well as other custom signature considerations, can be found on that page.

Custom signatures must comply with these specifications:

  • Signatures must not be obtrusive or difficult to read.
    • Signatures should not interfere with how nearby text displays. Avoid increasing font size and do not insert line breaks.
  • Your signature must contain one obvious link to your userpage. It may also optionally contain a link to your user talk page.
    • Your talk page link is included in the default signature. You are permitted to remove it if you prefer to use your enhanced user profile page for communication.
  • Do not link to pages not related to you, and do not link to external sites.
  • Signatures cannot contain any images, transcluded templates, or categories.
  • Your signature must be static. It may not contain any animations, interactive elements (aside from links), or dynamic elements.
  • Your signature must not display any more than 33 additional characters of text (not including your username and talk page link). The standard time and date stamp are also not included in this limit.
  • Do not make signatures which result in excessively long code. 255 code characters should be considered the maximum in most cases. Note that the software will automatically truncate both plain and raw signatures to 255 characters of code in the Signature field of your wiki preferences.
  • Its final output must be no taller than 30px.
  • Your signature must clearly and obviously display the actual username for your wiki account, without any character alterations.
    • For example, the username "BillSimpson" may not be displayed as "Harry", or even as "BillySimpson".

Above all, signatures are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Users whose signatures are found to be inappropriate will be asked to change them.

Edit war

While contributing to the wiki, users may disagree with how the information on a certain page is presented.
It is expected that the two users will reach a consensus when they are in disagreement by using a talk page rather than constantly editing and/or reverting changes.

We usually follow the three-revert rule (3RR) to determine the current page being in the edit wars or not.
To revert is to undo the action of another editor. The three-revert rule states that an editor must not perform more than three reverts, in whole or in part, whether involving the same or different material, on a single page within a 24-hour period.
Any appearance of gaming the system by reverting a fourth time just outside of the 24-hour slot will usually be considered edit warring. There are certain exemptions to the three-revert rule, such as reverting vandalism.
Wiki encourages editors to be bold, but while a potentially controversial change may be made to find out whether it is opposed, another editor may revert it.
This may be the beginning of a bold, revert, discuss (BRD) cycle. An edit war only arises if the situation develops into a series of back-and-forth reverts.
Nevertheless, not every revert or controversial edit is regarded as edit warring:

  • Reverting vandalism is not edit warring.
  • Reverting to enforce certain overriding policies is not considered edit warring.
  • Reverting edits of banned or blocked users is not edit warring.
  • Reverting edits in one's own user page is rarely edit warring.

When reverting, be sure to indicate your reasons. This can be done in the edit summary and/or talk page.[1]


Wiki vandalism will be defined as intentionally adding, removing, or changing content to the wiki in order to compromise the integrity of the site. It is strictly prohibited.

Examples of vandalism include but are not limited to:

  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into page content.
  • Uploading offensive images.
  • Blanking page content.
  • Links to external sites that are irrelevant to the wiki for personal gain, such links can be removed at any time for any reason.

We encourage users to revert any vandalism.


Registered users are expected to use a single account for all editing under most circumstances. The use of more than one account by a single individual is known as "sockpuppeting".

A second account can be used in certain rare circumstances by longtime established, trusted users. Some valid reasons to use a second account may include:

  • Technical testing
  • Bot (automated) accounts
  • Admins who want to use non-admin accounts in less secure editing situations.

In those cases, it must be made absolutely clear that the accounts are operated by the same individual.

Individuals found to be operating multiple accounts, in an ongoing manner, for the purposes of mimicking different personas or the like, will have all of their associated accounts and IP addresses permanently banned.


All the uploaded files on the wiki shall respect the following rules:

  • They must be related to Fear & Hunger and/or might have a purpose on an article
    • If not, they shall be used on user pages, but it should not be gory, creepy, sexual, etc. type of files.
  • Nudity and violent images should be blurred, and need to be added the Warning template to pages using such images.
  • File should feature a license template in order to inform of its licensing.

Any file not respecting these rules might be deleted without any notice and abusing the system might result in a block.