Miro Haverinen

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Miro Haverinen
Aliases orange~
Biographical information
Place of birth Republic of Finland/Suomen tasavalta
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Our Almighty God
Human (allegedly)
An orange

There are things and being even we don't talk about. Beings that come from the unknown beyond the blue skies.
- The New Gods, when asked about Miro

Miro Haverinen is the creator and mastermind of the Fear & Hunger games. He currently resides in Finland/Suomi, specifically in Helsinki.


  • Fear & Hunger was his first ever game that was sold to the public.
  • Fear & Hunger 2: Termina is his second game. It is set 352 years after the first game (F&H1 is set in 1590 while F&H: Termina is set in 1942).