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Body is a resource stat in the Fear & Hunger series that applies to each character representing their physical state. Once a character's Body is completely depleted, they will not only become unable to continue fighting but, in the majority of instances, will meet their demise and be eliminated from the game. In the instance of a player character, this depletion will lead to a game over.

In Fear & Hunger

In Fear & Hunger, all regular recruitable characters possess a default Body value of 100, the only exception being the Blood golem, boasting 200 Body points. Body essentially serves as the equivalent of HP (Health Points) in typical RPGs, functioning as a character's health pool. Given that complete Body depletion typically results in permanent death for a character, it is crucial for players to bear this in mind at all times. Notably, Nas'hrah stands out as the only character capable of continuing to fight and avoiding death entirely, even at zero Body points.

Beyond facing enemies in combat, there are numerous situations within the game's maps where characters can sustain Body damage from traps, specific triggers, and unique interactions.