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Aliases The Beheaded Wizard
Floating Wizard Head
Great Wizard of the Eastern Sanctuaries
The Bringer of Chaos
The Bringer of Torment
The Doom and Terror of Modern Man
The Horror from the East
The Plague of Modern Times
The Half-Man
The Harbinger of the Burning Crusade
Affiliation Eastern Sanctuaries (former sultan)
Yellow mages (creator)
O'saa (current apprentice)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Rhabdophobia
Biographical information
Date of birth 410 (as a New God)
Place of birth The Void (reborn as a New God)
Physical description
Gender Male
Species New God
Human (formerly)
Spiritual Information
Soul Enlightened soul
Item drops
Search Nothing
Steal Nothing
Battle Theme
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"I go by many titles, but you can call me Nas'hrah the Doom and Terror of Modern Man. I hate the idea of a brainless maggot like you following me around as a pupil but I might just need you this once. You see, I WANT-- I NEED to destroy the reign of the new gods! I want to RIP OFF their spines and watch them slump down weak and feeble. I want to watch them bleed as they're being squashed by the very same arrogance that helped them ride to power... But my strength isn't quite the same as it once was. Make no mistake that I could crush you like a worm you are. But, to get the job done, I need my body back. There should be a way to do jut this in the ancient city that's below these ruins. I want you to aid me there."
- Nas'hrah after joining the player's party.

Nas'hrah is a unique enemy and possible ally in Fear & Hunger. In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina he can accompany the player, making small comments and giving titbits of advice. Despite his continual presence, he does not count as party member.


"The previous new god who held the libraries as his own after the great Betel. How Betel fell for the pathetic tricks Nas'hrah pulled against him is a complete mystery to us. Nas'hrah was not content with what we have here. That miserable worm... The old fool... His mind was weak, his body was weak and most of all, he couldn't hold his own against the pressure this place has on people. Without reason, he used to sodomize everyone who stood in his way... That is how he desired to spend his days instead of the true godhood we have here."
- The New Gods when asked about Nas'hrah.

During the second age of history, which began with the reign of the so-called New Gods in the year 410, a figure named Nas'hrah emerged as a notable presence. Referred to as the "Bringer of Doom and Terror", Nas'hrah held a distinct position within this group, setting them apart from their predecessors. Although the concept of new gods existed in ancient times, Nas'hrah's inclusion elevated this particular group. Upon his ascension, he ended up succeeding Betel and assuming his position within the grand libraries in Ma'habre. The exact nature of the events surrounding Nas'hrah's interaction with Betel remains unclear. However, it is acknowledged that Nas'hrah employed an act of trickery that ignited a fury among his fellow New Gods. As Nas'hrah's reign as a deity was marred by his cruelty and sadistic tendencies, he was met with abhorrence and revulsion from his peers. Simultaneously, Nas'hrah held their methods and ideologies in contempt, viewing them as weak and ineffectual and fostering a mutual disdain between them.

He once held sway over the Eastern Sanctuaries as a sultan. His relentless campaigns against the Kingdom of Edo in the 8th century, although ultimately unsuccessful in expanding his dominion, exposed his lust for power and bloodshed. Nas'hrah's cultural influence permeates the Eastern Sanctuaries, leaving an imprint on its history. Unexpectedly, his observation of the prowess exhibited by his adversaries in Edo led him to forge a nation within the boundaries of the Eastern Sanctuaries, known as Yansa Aryuaban. In this endeavor, high-status war prisoners from Edo were appointed as central figures, tasked with emulating the ways of their Edo counterparts in meticulous detail. The purpose behind this endeavor was to cultivate a warrior class - though the realization of Nas'hrah's vision required the passage of centuries, his determination bore fruit in the form of the Jizamurai.

Nas'hrah is also responsible for the creation of the enigmatic Yellow mages. This sect of magical practitioners, shaped by their master's ideology, harnessed otherworldly powers for personal gain and the advancement of their own agendas, forsaking the path of traditional worship of the gods. While the presence of the Yellow mages has gradually diminished over time, remnants of their existence can still be found reveling in chaos, steadfast in their adherence to Nas'hrah's teachings.

Nas'hrah also claims responsibility for triggering the great war of plague and darkness, during which nightmares haunted the battlegrounds alongside soldiers. However, there are no other documented references to this war.

During the events of Fear & Hunger in the 16th century, Nas'hrah's physical form has been reduced to a mere beheaded entity. He believes that restoring his body is crucial to his ultimate goal of exacting revenge upon the other New Gods who have wronged him. To this end, he is willing to offer his assistance to those who can help him achieve his aim, directing them towards a long-forgotten laboratory in the depths of Ma'habre. If the player accompanies the wizard to this location, Nas'hrah will generate a clone of himself. Yet, upon careful examination, he deems the newly formed body unworthy of becoming his vessel once more. Dismissing it as a mere substitute, Nas'hrah instead opts to rely on sheer brute force in his confrontation with the New Gods and reduce the rejected body to ashes if given the opportunity.

Nas'hrah's fate within the dungeons of Fear and Hunger remains shrouded in ambiguity, with little detail provided about the precise events that transpired. However, it is known that his existence was reduced to that of a burnt and mummified severed head, his eyes replaced by hollow, dark sockets. Many years later, in the year 1942, in the remnants of an archaeological expedition stumbled upon the remains of the dungeons and Ma'habre, a yellow mage named O'saa would ultimately free Nas'hrah from the rubble. Despite his prolonged absence, Nas'hrah appeared remarkably well-informed about the intricate twists and turns of the world. He presented O'saa with a mission that held the potential to significantly expand their understanding of the darkest realms of knowledge. Their destination was a small country in eastern Europa, a town named Prehevil. Within its confines, Nas'hrah promised events of cosmic proportions, capable of reshaping the very fabric of the world. Deliberately withholding certain details of his story, Nas'hrah intrigued O'saa, who willingly embarked on the journey alongside the beheaded wizard.

Arriving in Prehevil, O'saa found himself drawn into the midst of the Festival of Termina, an extraordinary gathering hosted by the Moon God Rher. Clutching Nas'hrah's head securely within his possessions, O'saa was chosen as an active contestant in the festival.


Nas'hrah looks like a middle-aged man with brown messy hair. He has a pointed beard and moustache, which makes him look wizard-like. Before being decapitated, Nas'hrah wore clothes typical of someone interested in the occult, with long robes covering his whole body. After losing his body, a tendril of blood would appear below his neck.

In Termina, Nas'hrah looks like a burned head with no skin and no eyes. He is also bald and his beard looks more disheveled.


Nas'hrah is a sadistic and sociopathic man, known for his vulgar and disrespectful behavior. Regardless of who he is talking to, rather it be his fellow New Gods or his own apprentices, Nas'hrah will frequently speech obscenities and insults, often calling people "worms" or "filthy maggots".

He is a very old and wise man, who thinks very highly of himself and his accomplishments. Nas'hrah's pride and selfish attitude are such big components of his personality, that it could be easily argued that he is a narcissist and egotistical man who only cares for himself. He has also been shown to get easily angered, sodomizing others for even the slightest of offenses.

Nas'hrah is especially angered by the idea of ​​being "used" or "sacrificed", as shown when he kills the player if asked to perform a Marriage or to sacrifice himself on a ritual circle.

Despite being born with an Enlightened soul, Nas'hrah does not seem to possess the desire for knowledge as one would initially expect. For him, wisdom appears to be more of a source of power rather than something that should be used to improve one's understanding of the world and achieve enlightenment. He also has no real desire to spread his knowledge to others, only seeing his apprentices as mere tolls for his own gain.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 30
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Does not need to eat, meaning Hunger mechanics do not apply for him.
  • Cannot die (will stay alive and continue to fight even at 0 Body Points).
  • Does not suffer any penalties for being at low mind.
  • Has no assigned Phobia.
  • Cannot wear any equipment.
  • Cannot be chosen to form Marriages or Marriages (Fusion) (will actively kill the player if asked).
  • Cannot be sacrificed at ritual circles (will actively kill the player instead if asked).
  • Has Pyromancy trick, Greater Hurting, and Black orb skills learned.

Nas'hrah's distinct trait as a party member is his immortality, a feature that proves invaluable in Fear & Hunger due to the risk of permanent death. However, he falls short in comparison to weapon-wielding characters when it comes to dealing damage. Additionally, his inability to use accessories poses a limitation in specific setups. Starting with Black Orb, one of the strongest spells in the game, Nas'hrah instead takes the position of a dedicated spellcaster who can get to low Mind thresholds without penalty. While being at low Mind doesn't hurt him unlike other characters, he is still typically very reliant on how much Mind he has pooled more than other characters in order to deal solid damage. Without being able to equip a weapon, his unarmed attacks are weak at doing anything but dispatching low-health limbs.

Outside of Black Orb, Pyromancy Trick is useful if the fire element is preferred or the damage over time from Burning will help topple a tanky enemy. Greater Hurting can be used as a very low-cost form of damage.

Having Nas'hrah in your party unlocks unique dialogue options throughout the game based on the events encountered.

Attempting to use the bonesaw on him will prompt an option with only one choice besides the backing out, labeled as "...", which only results in a message elaborating there is nothing to cut.

Nas'hrah will complain and threaten the player if they use the Pheromones spell on him, and it will not work.

Throughout the game, Nas'hrah doesn't have a phobia. However, when confronting the God of Fear and Hunger, Nas'hrah will be marked with the fear debuff. This is notable due to his attitude toward the New Gods and Old; holding a complete disregard for their existence and wishing them destroyed.

Special interaction - Show love

If the player tries to show love to Nas'hrah, a special event occurs. He'll initially comply, saying, "Why of course", only to promptly burn the player to a crisp, saying "Nothing gets me turned on than burnt meat." He immediately burns the player and kills them, resulting in a game over.

Special interaction - Sacrifice

If the player tries to sacrifice Nas'hrah on Ritual Circle, a special event occurs. He will start yelling on the player, "Sacrifice me? SACRIFICE ME?!", burning the player instantly, saying "Let's make a sacrifice for the fire god himself!!."

Special interaction - The Hall of the Gods

If the player reaches the Hall of the Gods through the Pit of Enlightenment with Nas'hrah in the party and asks the New God a question related to him, he will proceed to hurl insults through his answers and carbonize the entity. This will immediately end the interaction about the question, but the player will still receive the Book of enlightenment.

Special interaction - Francóis

Bringing Nas'hrah to the Golden Temple in present Ma'habre and talking to Francóis will initiate a discussion between the two New Gods. Nas'hrah will eventually carbonize Francóis as the discussion continues.

Special interaction - Traces of Gro-goroth

If the player brings Nas'hrah to the Altar of Darkness without the girl, they will face off against Traces of Gro-goroth. Nas'hrah will start insulting the Old God, looking forward to his destruction, and, after a few lines of dialogue, Gro-goroth will obliterate Nas'hrah before he can even finish talking. The fight then begins, with one less party member. This illustrates how immeasurable the power of the Old Gods is compared to the New ones, also hinting at what may have happened to Nas'hrah previous to the events of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

Special interaction - Ascension

After the player defeats Francóis, they will have access to the throne of ascension. Choosing to sit on the throne will prompt a warning from Nas'hrah. In a strange moment of quietude, he will inform the player that ascension will change nothing and that it is not what they think it is, having gone through it himself. Nas'hrah will not follow the player to the higher plane, having already made the mistake once.

Location and recruitment

To meet Nas'hrah and have a chance to recruit him, the player must play the game either on "Fear & Hunger" or "Terror & Starvation" difficulty. He then can be found in Level 2 - Blood pit early in the game by searching the piles of bodies that surround this map. The game will warn the player about having a "bad feeling about this". Continuing will make Nas'hrah appear, complain about the player disturbing his sleep, and initiate a battle.

One of his most noticeable behaviours is his personality from being a rude, egotistical, has a desire for setting people on fire and constantly spews foul mouthed words. He often boasts about the terrors he brought upon the western world and hurls insults at most of the entities, including at the protagonist.

If the player has the Eclipse Talisman (obtainable from Yellow mages) equipped, along with having the Cube of the Depths in possession, the wizard can be recruited by using Talk each turn as he notices the talisman. (Note that the talisman does not have to be equipped to any party members). Correctly answering his questions without antagonizing him and by answering 'I feel like there is something greater waiting in the depths...' when prompted will make Nas'hrah sympathize with the player's boldness when facing certain doom, and, at the last moment, he will comment about the cube. If the player then agrees to kneel before him, the battle will end with Nas'hrah joining the party.

In battle, if the player attempts to recruit him without possessing the required items, he initiates a summoning sequence, gradually advancing a menacing monster called Darkness towards the player with each subsequent turn. This progression leads to an eventual game over. However, if the player chooses to escape the battle using Run, a pop-up message will confirm their successful escape. Subsequently, for the remainder of that playthrough, the player will no longer encounter him.

Like most other party members, he is unavailable for recruitment on Hard Mode.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Beheaded wizard 9000 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 5% None Confusion
Darkness 10000 100% 95% Blindness, Confusion


In the current version of the game, both are unkillable no matter how much damage you deal.

Nas'hrah will summon a powerful being that will continually approach the player until the 4th turn, where it will instantly kill the entire party. Other than summoning the being, Nas'hrah will do nothing but laugh at you each turn. The player can avoid dying to the powerful being by escaping from the battle or by recruiting Nas'hrah.

If the player runs away, Nas'hrah will disappear and will be gone for the remainder of the playthrough.


See Nas'hrah's dialogue (F&H1).
See Nas'hrah's dialogue (F&H2).

Dungeon Nights

Nas'hrah also appears in the easter egg game mode Dungeon Nights. He's one of the main characters in the plot, taking the role of a teacher. He keeps his arrogant personality and has a vast knowledge about story, magic and geography.


  • While Nas'hrah's soul is portrayed as the Enlightened soul within the storyline, in terms of gameplay mechanics, players cannot collect it in Fear & Hunger (since they can not kill Nas'hrah). They must obtain it from either Valteil or Enki within the game.
  • When playing as O'saa in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, you will hear Nas'hrah order O'saa to be careful about August. Surprisingly, Nas'hrah is used to depreciate every character and call them worms, but he does not use any such insults when talking about August.
  • During Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Nas'hrah has specific insults for the contestants and special characters.
    • Nas'hrah says Daan is a worm hiding filthy secrets, which he demands O'saa to dig up.
    • Nas'hrah calls Pocketcat a "pubic hair in your throat".
  • Although Nas'hrah's exceptionally long lifespan as a New God has led him to witness numerous historical events beyond mortal reach, it is important to acknowledge that his narcissistic personality might taint these very events with a strong bias in favor of his own perspectives and personal inclinations.
    • This partiality becomes especially evident to players who select O'saa as the protagonist in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, as they will eventually encounter Nash'rah's ramblings filled with inconsistencies when compared to well-documented historical records.