Buckman's letter

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The Buckman's letter is a letter found in Fear & Hunger. You will find it in the basement at their meeting spot after rescuing all the members of his team.


  • Author: Ludwig Buckman
  • Description: A letter written by the crown prince Ludwig Buckman.

"O noble warrior of the darkest dungeons. I must approach you with a feeble letter in this time of peril.

Our initial mission in the dungeons has failed. We have let down the captain Rudimer of the dungeons. He is beyond our reach now.

If you are to run into him. Or what's left of him. Spare whatever honor he has left and let him out of his miseries.

We cannot spend a fleeting minute in this darkness as we fear for our lives and fear for what we cannot control - our sanity.

I must admit with great shame that we must continue our journey without meeting you in person.

For all the things you've done for us, I leave you one of my precious family heirlooms - the Ring of wraiths. May it aid in your quest to even deeper depths.

Greatest regards, Prince Ludwig Buckman."