Captain's Diary 1

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The Captain's Diary 1 is a book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Captain Rudimer
  • Description: A brief take from the diary of the captain.

"Captain Rudimer - 16th of January, 1590 -

Trorrtur once again went too far with his wicked methods. The prisoner was but a child, but already he had to go through so much torture that he shit himself more than he bled.

I must say - I'm afraid of Trortur to a certain degree. Sometimes I think I would do this world justice if I just off'd him with my blade.

Very few know, but Trortur used to be a famed holy knight of Rondon back in the day. He was able to achieve great fame at a very young age. But during our holy campaign against eastern terriotories, he was captured.

Everyone presumed him as dead. He died as a war hero. He should have died as a war hero. But 5 years later when we occupied the eastern capital Jettaiah, we also found what was left of Trortur.

He was but a shadow of his former self. A disfigured, hunchback man with barely any resemblance to the great hero so many adored. I am sure during those 5 years, he went through every method of torture, he now puts to use himself.

Just to honor the memory of Trortur the White, I let this monster live today. Although I see great contradiction in my words here..."