Captain's Diary 2

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The Captain's Diary 2 is a book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Captain Rudimer
  • Description: A brief take from the diary of the captain.

"Captain Rudimer - 30th of April, 1590 -

It was a mistake to take this position in these dungeons. It's next to impossible to keep any kind of order among troops here. There are powers are play here, that we as mere mortals cannot fight against. I've come to accept the madness.'

A naked prisoner crucified on a sacrificial statue with his guts hanging out? Just another day in the dungeons.

More and more troops are committing suicide every day? More food for those left!

Orders to let some cultists do their wicked rituals here? Anything goes!

All the gore and macabre scenery has become trivial to me.

The High Priest demanded that we give them our prized prisoner, Le'garde of the Midnight Sun. I hesitated at first. After all his worth in propaganda alone cannot be underestimated. But those priests somehow convinced higher ups of their ways. Le'garde was transferred to the lower levels, below the mines. I have no idea what the purpose behind this is, nothing good can come out of it but orders are orders.

I feel bad for the poor man. It's obvious the kingdom of Rondon back-stabbed him, just because he was gaining influence at such a rapid rate. And now his story ends here, defiled in some unholy practices."