Captain's Diary 3

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The Captain's Diary 3 is a book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Captain Rudimer
  • Description: A brief take from the diary of the captain.

"Captain Rudimer - 5th of August, 1590 -

I've had feverish dreams for the longest time now. In the dreams - the patterns on the walls, the caws of the crows, the swirling clouds. They haunt even my waking hours.

I haven't had a moment of tranquility in months. It almost feels like the dreams become wilder, as the madness in these dungeons grows ever more stronger. I don't know which is the result of which. Did the dreams come before the madness, or are the dreams results of the ever ensuing chaos?

Everything I see, seems to remind me of the dreams' otherwordly patterns. I swear the intestines of a gutted prisoner from yesterday took the very same shape...

But when I try to describe its organic, evershaping pattern to scholars, or draw it down on this very paper - I fail to do so.

Like a bonfire, with flames reaching out to a night sky - so is its shape without a concrete form. These shapes are dangerous without a doubt. Effects like these are far too much for mere humans to comphrehend. I'm the epitome of their obsession, so I know it better than any.

I know it better than any. Maybe I am the only sane one left to acknowledge this? Is it my responsibility to clean everything up once again?

The crows - They give their testament to my suspicions. I will start the purge. I will root out the madness. Only I can do it."