Captain's Diary 4

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Captain's Diary 4 is an unused book in Fear & Hunger.


"Captain Rudimer - 5th of the nineth moon of 1490 -

The tree haunts my waking hours, it haunts my feverish dreams - I haven't had a moment of tranquility in months.

Everything I see, seems to remind me of it's otherwordly patterns.

I swear the intestines of a gutted prisoner from yesterday took the very same shape...

But when I try to describe it's organic, evershaping pattern to scholars, or draw it down on this very paper - I fail to do so.

Like a bonfire, with flames reaching out to a night sky - so is it's shape without a concrete form.

The tree is dangerous without a doubt. Effects like this is far too too much for mere humans to comphrehend. I'm the epitome of obsession, so I know it better than any.

That is why I isolated the tree to inner courtyard with no doorways leading to it's embrace. I had walls built around it.

Still through the walls, I can hear it's lure. It won't let me go..."