D'arce's ancestor

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"You remember how the voice would teach you skills to help you one day extract revenge from the wrong-doings of your uprising."
- The Book of Memories when used by D'arce.

D'arce's ancestor is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. A holy knight like D'arce, the memories of her long-past life might be accessed by her descendant through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.


D'arce's ancestor, much like herself, hailed from a long line of esteemed knights who served the Kingdom of Rondon. She was initiated into the rigorous training regimen to become a holy knight of Alll-mer from a very young age. Her caretakers, who were priests, employed harsh and brutal methods to instill the moral code and ways of knighthood in her. Every day, she had to battle fierce beasts from far-off lands, while the monks kept her unwanted company in the darkest hours of the night.

As time passed, she found herself succumbing to the darkness within her and began to hear a voice that taught her how to exact revenge for the injustices inflicted upon her. What became of her after that remains unknown, though the fact that D'arce exists implies that she likely managed to live long enough to have a child.

After many generations, the skills that she had learned from the darkness would become available to one of her descendants, D'arce, through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories. These skills included the ability to parry attacks with great accuracy and the ability to perform swift movements during battle.