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Kingdom of Rondon
Rondon flag.png
Background information
Type Nation · kingdom
Rivals Eastern Sanctuaries
Notable members Lord Ludwig Buckman (Crown Prince)
D'arce Cataliss (former knight)
Locations Capital of Rondon
Dungeons of Fear and Hunger
  • Territories

The Kingdom of Rondon is a location in Europa, mentioned frequently in the Fear & Hunger series. It is located on the west part of the world and is also the kingdom that houses the dungeons of Fear and Hunger.


"The great western Kingdom of Rondon. The center of western civilization. It was once formed out of hundreds of small warring nations and tribes to fight under one flag."
- The New Gods when asked about Rondon.

Rondon held a position of utmost significance in the vast domain of western civilization. This nation was born from the union of countless once-warring nations and tribes, who finally united under a single banner. Proclaiming their allegiance to the divine will of the gods, the Kingdom of Rondon relentlessly pursued greater power and influence. However, the journey was not without its trials, as they grappled with developmental challenges that had to be overcome.

Records reveal that Rondon faced conflicts with neighboring nations at various points in its history. Notably, Gaelia, the highlands located to the north of Rondon, engaged in battles against Rondon knights during the 12th century. Additionally, the Eastern Sanctuaries experienced the occupation of their capital city, Jettetiah, by Rondon forces during the 16th century. During this long era of growth and expansion, the kingdom's endeavors would eventually use the forces of a modest yet formidable mercenary force, celebrated as the Knights of the Midnight Sun around the year 1590, as the kingdom further expanded its dominion. At some juncture in history, Rondon also earned the reputation of being a center of knowledge, boasting great libraries that housed an extensive collection of human history and scientific wisdom.

The kingdom is notable in that it houses the infamous Dungeons of Fear and Hunger, which are used by the Rondon monarchs and lords as a place to send their convicted criminals to be housed in. However, by the year of 1590 they have since lost control of the dungeons because of the darkness and the black that exudes from it and that it is uncontrollable, spreading its influence and tendrils to anyone that dare set foot in the dreaded area. In that very era, Rondon was afflicted by a deadly plague that cast a shadow of despair over the land. Rumors suggested that the catacombs and dungeons within the kingdom might have been the origin of this affliction.

Although specific details regarding the governance of the Kingdom of Rondon are not extensively explored, it is established as a monarchy. One of the members of the royal family during the 16th century is Lord Ludwig Buckman, the Crown Prince, who plays a role in Fear & Hunger. Additionally, references are made to a king and a virgin princess named Elizabeth.

While the religious beliefs of the Kingdom of Rondon were not an extensive topic in the series, accounts attest to an emphasis on the cult of Alll-mer as their primary god within its borders. This devotion might even predate the widespread popularity of the deity across the world, as historical evidence reveals the existence of a long lineage of holy knights who served the kingdom in the name of the Ascended god - D'arce Cataliss, one of the protagonists of the first game, was a holy knight for the majority of her adult life. The capital of Rondon boasts a sacrificial statue dedicated to this same deity, standing as a testament to the kingdom's devotion. However, it is also known that some individuals afflicted with the plague during the 16th century placed blame upon the Old gods, viewing them as the source of their suffering and turned their hopes towards the New gods, believing that these deities would be the harbingers of light in their dark times. Among these New Gods, one divine assembly stood in the spotlight of worship during those ancient days - the Fellowship. Artefacts from that era bear testament to the reverence bestowed upon this group. Figures that resemble The Mourning One, an entity regarded as a saint in other places of Europa, are spotted at Rondon as well, adding to the religious tapestry of the kingdom.

In the 20th century, Rondon remains a functioning kingdom, navigating the complexities of the Second Great War. It initially formed alliances with the Eastern Union and Oldegård to confront the Bremen Empire; later, it switched sides and attacked the Eastern Union on the western fronts in a joint assault, which seemingly contributed to advancing the peace agreements on a larger scale. The absence of further mentions of the plague suggests that it was likely resolved during the Cruel Age, a period marked by remarkable scientific achievements.

The Kingdom serves as the backdrop for the majority of characters in the expansive universe of Fear & Hunger, particularly from the first game. Notable individuals such as D'arce, Jeanne, Ser Seymor, Rudimer, Trortur, Ser Seril, and Iron Shakespeare all originate from this kingdom. Termina contestant Daan grew up in this area and hails it as his home. Henryk, another contestant from the Festival, also hails from this place. Both of them make appearances during Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Based on the name of Rondon and the characters' names that hail from the place, along with the Forgotten One's map of the world, the Kingdom is based on France and England, but seemingly joined together. If that is the case, it is reminiscent of the short-lived empire that was the Angevin Empire/Empire Plantagenêt, an Empire that housed most areas of the Kingdom of England and almost all of France under the rule of the Plantagenets, a French dynasty that came to inherit the Kingdom of England from the House of Normandy and the House of Blois that came after the first House and most of France from near autonomous dukes and barons within the Kingdom of France, from either inheritance or conquest through claims and such.
  • Coincidentally, the dungeons of Fear and Hunger resemble the Catacombs of Paris, but game creator Miro Haverinen has stated this is just mere coincidence and that he did not draw inspiration from the catacombs when creating the game.