Diary of an unknown guard

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The Diary of an unknown guard is a book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A diary that belonged to an anonymous guard set on duty in the dungeons of fear and hunger.

"- 16th of August, 1590 -

The madness has spread in the dungeons like a plague. Some even suspected the plague that's running wild at the Kingdom of Rondon as the cause for all this, but the symptoms are very different.

Very different to say the least.

The remaining troops took refugee in these mines in hopes that the Kingdom would send help at some point in time in the unforeseen future. The hope is running low however. Captain Rudimer set foot to the underground city of the cave dwellers and traded that bizarre artefact for food and supplies.

Now those supplies are running low. We try to scavenge food barrels whenever possible, but it's not enough to feed us all. The hope is indeed running low as even the captain seemed to lose his mind some days ago. He ran into the dark dungeons on his own wearing nothing but a sheet of cloth.

We are going to die down here, aren't we?"