Dr. Kefer

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Dr. Kefer
Dr. Kefer overworld.png
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human (presumably)

Dr. Kefer is a non-playable character and a vendor in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


Dr. Kefer is rather snappish and sarcastic towards the player character. He will not serve the player unless they introduce themselves to him, in which he will "greet" them back by insulting them. Though he is not hostile, Dr. Kefer keeps a watchful eye on the player while in his shop. He will call out to them if they try to steal his potted Blue Herb, and if they explore the area behind him, near the staff-only area. If the player goes into the downstairs area, he will tell them "there are things there that would best be forgotten".


Dr. Kefer can be found in Dr. Kefer's Tricks & Magic starting on Day 1 Morning. He offers the following items in exchange for shillings:


In the shop

If the player is male

  • Dr. Kefer: "What's your name pal?"

If the player is female

  • Dr. Kefer: "What's your name lass?"

For all characters

  • Player: “<Name>”
    • Dr. Kefer: "Fuck you <name>! Now that the introductions are out of the way... What do you want stranger?"
  • Player: “..."
    • Dr. Kefer: "I don't do business with strangers. We're done here. Thank you very much (for nothing)."

Subsequent talks

  • Dr. Kefer: "Waiting for a miracle? Well keep waiting! What do you want stranger?"

Purchase item or leave

  • Dr. Kefer: We're done here. Thank you very much (for nothing)."

Take the potted Blue Herb

  • Dr. Kefer: "Hey! Keep ya dirty paws off my plants!"

Check the area behind him

  • Dr. Kefer: "You didn't do any purloin' back there did you?"

Check the downstairs area

  • Dr. Kefer: "You didn't go downstairs, did you!? There are things there that would best be forgotten. Touching and groping things you don't understand never ends well."


Dr. Kefer appears to be blind or visually impaired, as noted by his glasses and the white cane in his shop.

And when he adjusts his own glasses while you are out of his sight, reveals that he has no eyes at all.