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Vendors are NPCs in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger: Termina that sell (or trade) various items to the player, usually in exchange for silver coins (Fear & Hunger) or shillings (Termina).

Vendors in Fear & Hunger

The Merchant

Likely the first vendor the player will run into in Fear & Hunger. Appears at the front gates after the player has delved in deep enough. Sells three potions for a small price. Will leave immediately after the player makes a purchase. All of his potions turn out to be poison.


A masked person who appears on the first floor of the dungeon after the player has visited Le'Garde's corpse. He introduces himself as Isayah and will sell the player two treasure maps for 50 coins. Should the player fight and defeat him, they will get these items for free.

Cavedweller merchant

If the player does not anger the cavedwellers in the mines area, they may find a hat-wearing villager woman that sells various useful items.

Item selection Item Cost
Pool 1
Blue vial 10 Silver coins
Light blue vial 20 Silver coins
Explosive vial 15 Silver coins
Bottle of whiskey 10 Silver coins
Quill 5 Silver coins
Pool 2
Blue vial 10 Silver coins
Dried meat 5 Silver coins
Explosive vial 15 Silver coins
Opium powder 10 Silver coins
Iron arrow 20 Silver coins

Bug-eyed figurine

A strange wax figure found hidden within a junk-filled room in a building accessible from the center square in past Ma'habre. Claims that it is a wizard selling magical artifacts, and, indeed, the player can obtain some of the most important and useful magical items in the game from it.

Item Cost
Elixir of mind 10
Elixir of body 10
Soul stone 20
Soul devour necklace 20

Ancient figurine

Found in the temple district of Ma'habre. He will give the player information about the city, should they ask. Most importantly, he sells extremely useful books.

Item Cost
Alchemillia Vol. 1 70
Alchemillia Vol. 2 80
Recipes of the 15th century 80


A highly unique vendor that will reappear throughout the game if the player has The Girl in their party. He will offer to trade various items for the girl, (or any child, for that matter).

Item Use
Claymore A 2-handed weapon with +80 Attack and 10% bleed chance.
Ancient book Risks the player's life on a coin-flip. Teaches them a Blood magic spell if successful.
Book of enlightenment Saves the game.
Book of forgotten memories Teaches a spell related to the player's character

Vendors in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

Bandage Man

A moonscorched villager who seems to retain his sanity by caring for a toy doll. On Day 2, he will open his shop in Old Town - Gate. He will sell the player cheap, basic items.

Item Cost
Meatpie 5
Dried Meat 3
Green Herb 6
Blue Vial 10
9mm Bullet 6
Chalk 3
3 Matches 3
Cloth 5

Dr. Kefer

A bizarre man who runs an occult shop in Prehevil's western district. He sells various useful items, notably valuable protective accessories.

Item Cost
Betel's stone 40
Soul devour necklace 35
Small thing's amulet 50
Ring of the still-blood 50
Thorned ring 50
Purifying talisman 50
Hardened heart 99
Pipe 7
Tobacco 4
Wild dagga 25
Soul stone 50


A servant of Rher who makes a reappearance within Prehevil. This time, he will accept the severed heads of other contestants in exchange for valuable knowledge.

Item Cost
Book of enlightenment 3 heads
Recipes of the 15th Century vol. 1 2 heads
Recipes of the 15th Century vol. 2 2 heads
Alchemillia vol. 1 1 head
Alchemillia vol. 2 1 head
Alchemillia vol. 3 1 head
Skin Bible - Gro-goroth 3 heads
Skin Bible - Sylvian 3 heads
Skin Bible - Alll-mer 3 heads
Skin Bible - Rher 3 heads
Skin Bible - Vinushka 3 heads
Skin Bible - God of Fear and Hunger 3 heads

The Radiating One

A mysterious New God who can be summoned at an Imperfect Ritual Circle. He sells rare items in exchange for rust-coloured pearls.

Item Cost
Leechmonger ring 8
Ring of wraiths 4
Yggaegetsu amulet 9
12-gauge trenchgun 4
Mauler 10