Ending S - "The true god of Fear and Hunger"

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"The true god of Fear and Hunger" is D'arce's character-specific Hard mode ending. It portrays the extent of the extreme lengths she is willing to reunite with Le'garde, even if it means forsaking her own deeply-held principles.

In order to achieve it, the player must locate three Torn Scraps of a scroll that teaches a spell used to revive Le'garde. The three torn scraps must then be used in the crafting menu to create the full page. All three pieces are hidden inside of Ma'habre.

  • Torn Instructions I is hidden inside the grand library within one of the pillars containing books on the ground floor in the second chamber. It will be in a pillar on the right side of the room.
  • Torn Instructions II is hidden in one of the bookcases next to the ladder that descends into The Enlightened One boss fight. It will be on the right hand side of one of the lower ladders closer to the abyss. You do not need to fight The Enlightened One in order to obtain the page. Once you have the page, simply exit the way you came back up the ladder to avoid the fight.
  • Torn instructions III can be obtained only in past Ma'habre. It is tucked inside the journal sitting outside of the stack of cages near the grand library. The cage room is located beneath the room housing a husk floating within a tank and connecting to the second floor of the grand library. This room housing the husk also has a ritual circle engraved in its floor in present Ma'habre.

Once you have collected all three pages, go into your crafting menu and create the scroll. Use the completed scroll from the book section of your inventory, this will teach D'arce Rebirth of the beloved. After obtaining the spell, visit Le'garde's corpse and keep interacting with it until given the prompt to the cast the spell. Once you select yes, the ending will play out.


As D'arce delves deeper into the dungeons of fear and hunger, she comes across a mysterious incantation from the Old God Sylvian called Rebirth of the beloved, which purportedly has the power to bring back the dead. After committing it to memory, she discovers the lifeless body of her dear captain, Le'garde, with his throat slashed. Despite her shock and horror, she decides to utilize the spell to resurrect him. But he returns not as the man she knew, but as a terrifying monster, consumed with a desire to inflict the same pain and suffering he endured in the dungeons on the unsuspecting world beyond. In the end, D'arce is still grateful to have her beloved captain back, albeit in an altered state, and she wonders if his new crude, skinless appearance and altered mindset means that he will belong to her completely.


  • You don't need to fight any monster. You can pretty much just run your way through the whole game, avoiding monster encounters until you get the torn instructions.

Ending Text

You could not save your loved one from the cruel fate the dungeons had ready for him, but you succeeded in the next best thing - resurrecting Le'garde.

He shed his human skin, mocking his past existence as a mortal.

Apparently whatever he went through after his passing had changed the man completely.

You didn't mind his changed looks, but mentally he was someone else as well.

He had turned into a beast, craving to unleash the terror and suffering he experienced to the outside world.

The man claimed to have risen to godhood, but as you examined his behaviour as a warlord, he resembled more of a bloodthirsty ghoul...

Still, you were reunited with your loved one. That was all that mattered to you. Maybe with his new crude looks and way of thinking, he could finally be just yours completely?


  • The artwork for the "The true god of Fear and Hunger" was based on an older concept art that depicted an unnamed female character reviving someone.
    The old concept art that was used as base for the image in this ending.