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"In order to reach greater heights, to unify the land, to bring upon the new era... I need this power. The strength of kings and queens is not enough. I need more. Something that lasts beyond me. (...) Do you think any of the grand kingdoms history books speak of stand on pure foundations? They were all built on bloodshed and violence. But what if there was a way that wouldn't require thousands of soldiers on opposing sides shredding their lives? What if such grand kingdom only required one soul to succumb to the darkness? Only one soul to be tainted."
- Le'garde explaining his reasons for seeking the Throne of Ascension.

Le'garde is a major story character and potential party member in Fear & Hunger. He is the captain of the Knights of the Midnight Sun and the motivation for the four protagonists to delve into the dungeons of Fear and Hunger.


"The prophesied one... Already while still alive, there were many tales written and sung about his tale. We don't know where the prophecy got started but needless to say that it's all fallacy. But the man himself... Is a curious kind. There is definitely something different about him and whatever his part might be in the greater scheme of things, the very least he started something larger..."
- The New Gods when asked about Le'garde.

Le'garde, the enigmatic commander of the mercenary group known as the Knights of the Midnight Sun, had a magnetic presence that drew many followers to his cause. Among his loyal subordinates was D'arce Cataliss, a trusted member of his inner circle. Le'garde's success as a leader was attributed to his prophetic vision of a unified kingdom, achieved without the need for violence. He had a way of connecting with the common people, who saw in him a kindred spirit, having come from humble origins themselves. As time passed, Le'garde's deeds and aura led others to view him as the very embodiment of the long-awaited figure from ancient prophecies. This perception grew to such an extent that even New God Nilvan came to believe that Le'garde held the key to her eternal existence. At an unknown point, Nilvan visited Le'garde in a dream, joining with him in conceiving a child whose significance would later reverberate throughout the world.

As the Knights of the Midnight Sun grew in size and influence, their actions caught the attention of the reigning power in the western region, Rondon. Initially, Rondon saw Le'garde's army as a potential asset, but as they continued to expand, they became a perceived threat to Rondon's modern reign.

Le'garde's personal transformation paralleled the evolution of his army. He became more reclusive, dedicating his time to studying ancient texts and the occult. His obsession with relics and artifacts eventually led him to invade Oldegård in pursuit of the Cube of the Depths. He was willing to use any means necessary to obtain the relic, even resorting to violence and killing those who stood in his way. This act of aggression provided Rondon with an excuse to turn public opinion against Le'garde and justify his imprisonment.

Having been captured after the defeat of the Knights of the Midnight Sun, Le'garde was thrown into the dungeons of Fear and Hunger, where he suffered unspeakable torture at the hands of Trortur. Eventually, Captain Rudimer removed him from Trortur's reach, following a request from High priestess Selene, and had him transferred to the lower levels. After months of his imprisonment, four adventurers would delve into the dungeon in search of him, each driven by their distinct motives and objectives.

The amnesia that Le'garde claims to have after being rescued is merely a facade he uses to trick his savior into accompanying him into Ma'habre and helping him reach ascension. Even his own imprisonment was orchestrated as part of a grand plot to ascend to a better type of godhood. Each of the New Gods from the Fellowship has a different type of soul that encompasses their powers and beliefs: The Tormented One's tormented soul, Valteil's enlightened soul, Nilvan's endless soul, and Francóis' dominating soul.

Le'garde attempted to encompass all of these aspects: torment through the torture of the dungeon, enlightenment through the cube, endlessness through meeting Nilvan in his dreams, and domination through his campaign. This puts him in a unique position to become greater than all of the New Gods, in the hopes of becoming the one true god to be worshipped in the coming age. Nosramus describes this as "not necessarily the right path, but...an interesting event to unfold...".

It is evident from the events in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina that Le'garde managed to survive the dungeons and ultimately achieved divinity in attaining the form of the Yellow King. It is unclear how he managed to survive or even escape the confinement of his cell.


Le'garde is a young man whose beauty is often compared to that of the gods. He has long light-brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale skin tone. In the game, he is described as rather skinny, but it's unclear whether this is due to his imprisonment. He sports a heavy suit of medieval armor with a noticeable 'x' shaped crack on its chest plate.


Le'garde is a mysterious man, defined by his otherwordly stature and magnetic presence, which is capable of easily swaying others to his cause. He is a charismatic leader, highly skilled at the art of warfare and politics.

In the beginning of his career, Le'garde appeared to be a noble knight, who was disgusted by the corruption of Rondon and who wanted to bring forth a brighter future for humanity. Even during his early days, Le'garde could already be stated to be rather overly ambitious, idealistic or even power-hungry, as he was not satisfied with the idea of being a mere king, believing that any good that he could bring to mankind with such position would not last long.

Despite claiming to not believe in prophecies, Le'garde still sees himself as someone with a "higher purpose" and who is destined for greatness. His belief that he is special in some way, indicates that he is possibly a narcissist or at the very least, someone with egotistical tendencies.

Le'garde desire for eternal prosperity would lead him to a darker path, over time, he became more aggressive and extremist in his approach towards his goals, believing that in order to succeed he needed to become a god and unite the world under his rule, no matter the cost. As he gained more power, Le'garde became more reclusive, arrogant, and manipulative, seeing the growth of his army and political influence as a confirmation of his beliefs that he was the one destined to save humanity.

At times it can be rather unclear if Le'garde's desire to help humanity comes from a place of genuine kindness or if it is just an excuse for him to justify his greed for power. It is also possible that while Le'garde does genuinely want to bring peace, he wants to be the one to do it and would not accept if someone else were to take such duty in his place.

However despite all his faults, Le'garde still is capable of showing kindness to others. If the player doubts D'arce and thinks that she should not be trusted, Le'garde will try to convince the player otherwise, despite such action putting his disguise as an amnesiac and his entire plan to become a god at risk. This might indicate that, while his goals are his top priority, he still has concerns about his subordinates.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 30
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Starts with Plate mail.
  • Can use all weapons but the Dagger and the Skeletal arm.
  • Has no Equipment/Armor restrictions.
  • Cannot be chosen to form Marriages.
  • Cannot be sacrificed at ritual circles.
  • Will resist Miasma's influence and not turn against the party.
  • Has the Leg Sweep skill learned.

Le'garde starts off with the skill Leg Sweep, which is very useful in combat and will allow the player to break any door. He is also the only party member, besides skeletons, who can safely use the Miasma.

Recruitable human characters with 50 or less Mind points may attempt to leave the party in certain locations, forcing the protagonist to either leave them behind and recover their sanity through items or convince them to resume the journey without defecting. Le'garde, in particular, has a special interaction with D'arce, as she will prevent him from leaving once. This dynamic works the other way around, but Le'garde will always take the initiative to keep D'arce from departing whenever her Mind points are low. It is worth noting that, whenever Le'garde prevents D'arce from leaving, he will also prevent any other party member with low Mind from leaving the party as well, this even includes himself. This is, by all accounts, likely a bug or an oversight from the developer, however this exploit easily turns him from a decent damage dealer to one of the best party members in the game.[1]

Special event - Killing Le'garde

If Ragnvaldr is the protagonist and manages to find Le'garde alive in the catacombs, the player will have the unique option to kill him by breaking his neck. This event will culminate in a fight to the death with D'arce if she is in the party at the moment. Although Ragnvaldr may convince her to stop the fight through the use of the Talk skill, she will leave the party forever.

Special event - Ragnvaldr & Le'garde's brawl

Approaching the entrance of the dim present Ma'habre with both Le'garde and Ragnvaldr as recruited allies will trigger a fight between them at the gates, which Ragnvaldr will win without player intervention. Letting Le'garde die will enrage D'arce if she is also present, forcing the player to pick between killing the two knights or killing Ragnvaldr. This entire scenario can be avoided by simply entering Ma'habre in the bright past.

Special event - Ascension

If the player chooses to sit on the Throne of Ascension, Le'garde will stop them and sit on the throne first. This will cause him to leave the party permanently and if the player decides to follow him into the Void, they will find him in his Yellow King form. The player will be given the option to either fight Le'garde or kneel to him; choosing the former will start Ending C's final boss fight.

If Nas'hrah is also present in the player's party, the floating wizard will begin to rant and insult Le'garde about the stupidity of his decision to become a god. In response, Le'garde will simply demand the wizard to shut up.

Location and recruiting

Le'garde can be found in the level 7 catacombs in the rightmost area, behind iron bars. Le'garde is the reason that the player's character is visiting the dungeon, and the other main characters and the girl, if present at the scene where he is found, will comment on his condition or speak to him, depending on whether or not he is alive at the time. The conditions that determine whether Le'garde is alive or dead are time-based. Reaching him within 30 minutes of starting a run will result in him being found alive, while taking longer will result in him already being dead.

The best strategy to reach Le'garde on time is to make the protagonist learn the Dash skill, allowing the player to move in and around the levels with ease, as well as run past enemies.

There are 3 ways to reach the level-7 catacombs:

  1. The Cave Dweller Village: Going to the left or front entrance from the start, then descending down to Level 3-Prisons and lowering the elevator to Level 2-Blood Pit. Going left is faster because you can use the switch on your way to Level 2-Blood Pit. The switch for this is connected to a room by a small door. This will take one down to the Level 4-Caverns. From there, proceed to the Level 5-Mines and there is an option to either go left and use an explosive vile on a rubble pile (which opens up a shortcut between the entrance of the mines and the southern entrance of the Level 7-Catacombs). This is the fastest and safest way to reach Le'garde. Or go right and continue on to the Cave Dweller Village. Within the village center will be a wooden platform with a hole leading deeper into the mines. Jumping down this hole will lead one to the Wolf Orgy area, from which you can proceed north and eventually reach the southern entrance of the Level 7-Catacombs. This method is not recommended however, as it is likely to take longer than the allotted time to find Le'garde alive unless one is highly practised. It should be noted though, that it is possible to also get the Cube of the Depths simultaneously while taking this route, but doing so will take even more time that Le'garde does not have.
  2. The Thicket: After picking up the Mock-up Book in the Level 1-Entrance library area, proceed through the courtyard and into the Level 1-Inner Hall. From there, locate the inner hall's library, and against the back wall will be a hidden exit blocked by a bookcase. Interact with said bookcase to place the mockup-book inside, and the way forward will open to Level 1-Backyard. In the eastern corner there will be a pile of rubble, which can be cleared with an explosive vile, giving access to the Hidden Backyard and the Level 2-Thicket. Proceeding through the thicket (by avoiding the Mumblers, finding hidden doorways by interacting with it's walls, and falling down two holes which appear in the Level 2 area and Level 5 areas) will eventually lead one to fall into the Level 7-Catacombs via a hole in the roof. From there it is as simple as proceeding down and right until one reaches the first iron door (which is unlocked), behind which will be Le'garde.
  3. The Prisons: Within the Level 3-Prisons area is a locked bird-cage like section with stairs leading down into the Level-7 Catacombs. Proceeding through this door will require the Player to either A: Use the skill Leg Sweep against the door in combat, B: Break it down by assembling several characters and deal 800 damage at minimum, or C: Use the skill Phase Step ( obtainable only with an Empty Scroll ) in the overworld to go through the door. Once the door is opened, proceed down the spiral staircase until it eventually ends at the Northern entrance to Level 7-The Catacombs. From there, proceed down and then right all the way until the end of the level, where the unlocked iron door leading to Le'garde's cell is. Iron Shakespear's key no longer opens this door, nor does Lockpicking work on it. It can only be opened with brute force or from the inside, so this strategy is probably the least doable.

He will claim to have amnesia if he is alive, although he can remember his name, and will ask to join the party. He will remain in this space until recruited if the player does not recruit him then. D'arce will stay with him until both of them are recruited if she is in the party when the player does not recruit him.

Upon recruitment, he will leave some hints at the city's existence, such as stopping in the hall with the door to say he is sensing something, and refusing to leave with the player's party if trying to get the escape ending, giving the player a choice to either part ways or to stay a little more and continue playing.

Like most other party members, he is unavailable for recruitment on Hard Mode.


See Le'garde's dialogue.


Dungeon Nights

Le'garde appears in the secret dating sim mode, Dungeon Nights, as a potential love interest. In this mode, Le'garde takes the role of an aspiring knight who came to the academy in order to learn all of the necessary skills to succeed in his future career. He is more than pleased if the player decides to help him out by giving him the necessary equipment for him to start his journey into knighthood.

To succeed in Le'garde's Route, do the following:[2]

  • 1 Day
    • Talk to him and ask "What are your goals then?".
    • Find a Claymore.
      • Buy it at the Armor shop for 30 silver coins.
      • Or go to the Ancient city and find the sword there.
    • Buy a Plate mail at the Armor shop for 15 silver.
  • 2 Day
    • Give Le'garde the Claymore and Plate mail.
  • 3 Day
    • Go on a date.
  • 4 Day
    • Ask him to be your date (if everything was done correctly, he should say yes).


  • Unused animations for Le'garde exist within the game files, such as him committing suicide, using the bow, carrying the Demon Kid, being tortured by Trortur, having sex with the Bunnymasks and being sexually assaulted by the Guard. These are animations that usually only apply to the selectable protagonists which implies that at some point Le'garde might have been considered to be one, instead of just a party member, but was later changed.
    • This scenario is also aligned with the discovery of unused dialogue in the game files where Le'garde could suggest a Marriage of Flesh to D'arce and Cahara. Both would have exclusive dialogues with D'arce wondering if her first, special time with Le'garde should take place in the dungeons and Cahara mentioning Le'garde is the most beautiful man he ever laid with.
  • Game creator Miro Haverinen has expressed that Le'garde is among his favorite characters from Fear & Hunger due to the character's evolving tragic narrative. Le'garde's journey unfolds as others surpass him on the path to Godhood, leaving him alone in contemplation, pondering the uncertain future ahead.
  • The inspiration for Le'garde is the character Griffith, the main antagonist of Berserk, a manga series by Kentaro Miura.


In-game Footage

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