Enki's ancestor

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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"You remember... After generations of these black arts, your ancestors finally managed to summon a wretched little evil."
- The Book of Memories when used by Enki.

Enki's ancestor is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. A dark priest like Enki, the memories of his long-past life might be accessed by his descendant through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.


Enki's ancestor, much like himself, came from a lineage of magical practitioners who dedicated themselves to crude old-fashioned witchcraft, that lacked the finesse of its modern counterpart. Due to their desire to gain any form of knowledge of the otherside, Enki's family would only allow the eldest child to carry the family name, while the rest would be sacrificed and have their blood offered to the older gods.

After many generations, one of Enki's ancentors managed to summon a lower demon, who revealed to him it's secrets as a reward for his sacrifice. The dark knowledge that he acquired from the little devil would eventually become available to one of his descendants, Enki, through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.

Warning! Speculation ahead!

Information below is hinted on, but wasn't directly confirmed in-game.

Although not confirmed, the devil summoned by Enki's ancestor likely had some connection to Gro-goroth or was Gro-goroth himself in disguise, as the devil's secrets were all related to blood magic and Gro-goroth in someway.