Leyron of the Corso

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Leyron of the Corso is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. Having been deceased before the game starts, his name is included among the many inscriptions found on tombstones scattered throughout the dungeons of fear and hunger.


Leyron of the Corso was a mage who perished under unknown circumstances within the dark depths of the dungeons of fear and hunger. His remains were interred in a small burial ground located in the basement of the dungeon. Leyron's tombstone bears an epitaph that speaks to his legacy as a mage. The inscription reads: "Here lies Leyron of the Corso. The mage no one asked for, but the mage we deserved and got. 1563-1590."


  • This tombstone is one of the few instances of showing the current date of the game of Fear & Hunger, which is 1590.