Studies of Alll-mer I

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Studies of Alll-mer I is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A book about the older god Alll-mer.

" -Studies of Alll-mer I-"

"Born from humble origins of a virgin mother. Human origin with the seed laid down by a false god. A god walking amongst men. Alll-mer would gather 12 apostles from his most trusted companions. Together they were to bring back the old world order. Kings and sultans of the time would not stand idle when a man of undeniable god-like posture came down to their golden city gates. Instead they would capture Alll-mer. The newborn god would be nailed onto a cross, arms spread wide - and be left for the crows to feast on. But Alll-mer was to ascend. Arms still widespread from the cross he would soar. Becoming the symbol we know of today. Turning his cross-ridden posture into something greater. A symbol of hope and domination. Spending three days and night at the city of the gods, Ma'havre, he would return among men. With his mourning 11 apostles he would murder the kings and sultans of the time - as was just. Bringing back the old world order."