Studies of Sylvian I

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Studies of Sylvian I is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A book about the older god Sylvian.

"Studies of Sylvian I -

Sylvian is the goddess of love, lust and creation.

She created men and women at the dawn of time. From the very first moments she loved her children greatly. Over time her love blossomed into a more obsessive form and she would try to guide her children more and more. Once she realized her children would never be able to return the same amount of affection back to her, her love took a more twisted form.

Sylvian would shape mankind more to her liking and more into her own image with her gift to people - the Love Magic, otherwise known as the Flower Magic. For a brief moment in ancient history, mankind fell into a craze of fleshly delights. As a synchronized mass, a sea of naked people in the middle of coitus would pulsate and waste away their days.

There are still cults dedicated to Sylvian to this day, but many believe she left mankind behind a long time ago."