The Fellowship ch.2

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This page is about the edited version of The Fellowship book. For the original version of the book, see The Fellowship ch.2 (Original).

The Fellowship ch.2 is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: This book tells the tale of the legendary fellowship that would be known in this day as the new gods.

"The fellowship chapter 2 -

The fellowship found their way to the ancient tombs that would lead them to their confrontation with the older gods. The fellowship persisted through the numerous hazards and dangers the older gods threw at them. Eventually all five of them would reach the golden gates of Ma'havre, the very same gates Alll-mer ascended from 800 years prior. It seemed like the fellowship had bested all the challenges gods laid for them, but at the most crucial moment a seed of doubt was planted into the mind of the fifth one. The forgotten one was the last trial the old gods in store. His purpose in the grand scheme of things was to create doubt and unease between the fellowship. Holding tight to their grand mission, the fellowship prevailed however. They laid down all the doubts and proceeded to the golden temple of Mahavre. a grand lie. A lie about the greater scheme of things. The grand lie told of the way the older gods directed the flow of mankind. That many had gone before the same trials as the fellowship. The fellowship tore down the legacy of the old gods and created a new world order. An age where mankind decided their own fate. An age of growth and prosperity.

The fellowship became the new gods that we know and love today."