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The Radiating One is a non-playable character and vendor encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. This deity is considered to be a New God.


Limited information exists about the Radiating One, except that he is classified as a New God. Curiously, the item used to summon him on Ritual Circles is an antique portrait photograph from the late 1800s featuring an unidentified young man. Strangely, the person's face in the photograph has been deliberately scratched over and is now unrecognizable.


The Radiating One can be summoned at an Imperfect Ritual Circle by sacrificing a Portrait of a Young Man.

Several valuable items are sold using rust-coloured pearls:


  • While the Radiating One is portrayed as having the Radiating soul within the storyline, in terms of gameplay mechanics, players cannot collect it in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. They must obtain it from Samarie within the game.
  • The Radiating One's design is a reference to Kyo from the band Dir En Grey, as confirmed by the creator on twitter.