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This page explains the ritual circles in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the ritual circles in Fear & Hunger, see Ritual Circles F&H1.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Ritual circles are a mechanic in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina which allows the player to benefit from various divine effects, or to increase their affinity with different Gods. The Occult Grimoires book explains their usage.

The player has draw the sigil of any given God in the circle to activate it, but it needs to be the right type otherwise the circle is wasted.

How to use

For Asymmetric and Perfection Circles, the player will need the Skin Bible of each respective God in their inventory, as well as a piece of Chalk to draw on the circle. If the wrong symbol is drawn, nothing happens - it will also waste the circle, as it is not possible to erase it and try again.

A matching symbol, when drawn by the player, will raise their affinity to that God and open up access to their skills in the Hexen. Premade Rher circles will not grant affinity to the player.

Imperfect Circles work differently, requiring the player to ritually offer specific items to interact with the New Gods.

Types of Circles and respective Gods

Asymmetric circle.png Asymmetric Circle

This circle represents the Old Gods and their one-sided distribution of power.

Imperfect circle.png Imperfect Circle

This circle is the mark of the New Gods who have strived for perfection since their conception, never to attain it truly.

Perfection circle.png Perfection Circle

This circle represents countless spiraling cycles in the birth of the Ascended Gods, the ones who were able to go beyond human limits.



  • Sacrifice team member for affinity, one-time use
    • Trying to sacrifice a contestant will make them hostile and immediately start a fight
    • A body charmed with Necromancy can be used as a safe sacrifice method
  • Blood Sacrifice option from Samarie's skillset for gaining affinity
    • This reduces the protagonist's Body Points to 1, who will need at least 50 Body Points to safely do it again for more affinity


  • Full body parts restoration and full healing on body and mind for the whole party, recovers the sprinting ability, also cures Blindness (will not cure Heroin addiction)
  • Masturbation option from Samarie's skillset for affinity, one-time use


  • Instant tree growth, used to climb up or down to reach shortcuts or otherwise inaccessible areas, can also be used to provide specific items


  • Alternate realms, needed to speak to certain characters, access the golden gates and/or obtain rust-colored pearls
    • Mold 12 statues with Black Kalev in the party to hear the Man in Black speak lore about Alll-mer

The Heartless One

  • Offering the Heart-shaped lock will summon the Heartless One, initiating a fight. After defeating her, the player will receive the Red Virtue and The Darkness for equipments

The Tainted One

  • Requires the heads of enemies, which can be severed by interacting with their corpse using a bonesaw
  • Each head will provide 1 Soul stone shard. 3 are needed to form a Soul stone which can be used in the Hexen. The recipe for Soul stone will be unlocked after offering heads

The Radiating One

  • Portrait of a young man can be offered, which will spawn this unique vendor who will trade items for rust-colored pearls
    • [8] Leechmonger ring
    • [4] Ring of Wraiths
    • [9] Yggaegetsu amulet
    • [4] 12-Gauge Trench Gun
    • [10] Mauler

The Tormented One

  • Offering the Dead crow will summon the Tormented One, initiating a fight. Defeating him unlocks the Chains of Torment skill in Hexen for that run

God of Fear and Hunger

  • Provides 1 save point without progressing time (3 saves on Easy(er) mode)


  • Provides fast travel between 2 or more Alll-mer circles


Asymmetric Circle

There are 4 asymmetric blank circles and 5 asymmetric circles with pre-made drawings, making a total of 9 circles for each specific locations:

  • Broken shack south of Woodsman house
    • Vinushka: Shortcut to deep woods, alternate route to city
    • Rher: 7 Clay statues to mold
  • Woodman's house
    • Vinushka: Provides the Pinecone Pig, hanging on the left side of the tree on the first floor, which has a 33% chance to provide an item at the start of a battle against most enemies while equipped.
    • Rher: Speak to the man in black, choose any option besides 3 to recruit Black Kalev
  • Mayor's manor
    • Vinushka: Allows you to climb down to the basement, fluted armor piece
    • Rher: Leads to 3 Ronteals and a Golden Gate
  • Forest west bunker (premade Rher) / Tunnel 7
    • Leads to 4 Ronteals and a Golden Gate, you will exit outside the bunker entrance in the woods
  • Orphanage (premade Gro-goroth, Sylvian, Rher)
    • Rher will lead to one of the effigies, 5 Ronteals, and a Golden Gate
  • Alll-mer Church basement (one blank, one premade Rher)
    • Vinushka: leads to the roof and rafters, where you can find one chest and a sword that can hurt ghosts
    • Rher: will lead to a locked up woman, need Rusty Key and Church Keys. Rusty Key can be found in church basement if you do not drop the chandelier
      • Unlocking the chained woman will lead to an optional 1v1 boss fight, Heartless One, activated at an Imperfect Circle by sacrificing the Heart Shaped Lock. Boss will drop a unique sword and armor. You can also steal a Yggaegetsu amulet.
    • premade Rher: will lead to Samarie, 5 clay statues to mold, and a Golden Gate

Imperfect Circle

There are 3 imperfect circles for each specific locations:

Perfection Circle

There are 6 perfection circles for each specific locations:


In-game Footage

All Ritual Circle Effects