The Tale of the Pocketcat I

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The Tale of the Pocketcat I is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger. This book can be found randomly searching the bookshelves in the dungeons of Fear & Hunger.

It is a book mostly detailing a tale or an eye witness account of a boy meeting the creature known as Pocketcat.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A childrens fairy tale about the Pocketcat. It's the first chapter.

"-The Tale of the Pocketcat. Chapter I -

It was a rainy day in the countryside just north from the forest of Merwood."

"Willem, the wildest child known in the town, would stare at the rain drops behind the window screen."

"His mother would warn him of going outside. During rain decent boys would help their parents with various indoors tasks. Rain brings forth all kinds of dangers not otherwise known to little boys."

"Disregarding the warnings and without a worry in the world, Willem dashed through the bushes and ran deep in to the Merwood forest."

"In the heart of the forest, all wet from the rain, Willem heard slight panting noises from an overgrown grotto nearby..."

"Cautiously Willem peeked through the leaves..."

"He would not believe his eyes when he saw a finely dressed cat standing on two feet, twice as tall as Willem's father would be."

"The cat's back was facing Willem. Its hand was moving swiftly inside its pocket while the two big yellow eyes glee'd inside a burlap bag in great excitement."

"Suddenly the hand movement came to a halt."

"Even if Willem was well hidden behind the leaves - slowly the cat turned its eyes towards him."

"In terror Willem ran as fast as he could towards his home!"

"The two glowing yellow eyes of the cat haunted him all the way to his home gates."

"His mother was there to meet him by the front door. 'So you just had to go to the woods, did you?' - said his mother."

"'You saw something you shouldn't have, right!?' - questioned his mother.' And how do I know this?'"

"Willem's mother would go inside to get a little parcel with decorated wrappings."

"'This appeared on the front door just before you came. It was directed to young mister Willem.'"

"Slowly Willem unwrapped the decorated paper with small mouse prints on it..."

"Inside the parcel, there was catnip."