Assassin's Handbook I

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Assassin's Handbook I is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger.

The book teaches how to craft the following items: Ghoul outfit, Guard outfit and Fur outfit




  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: The book contains instruction on how to make disguise from animal leathers.

"This book contains instructions on how to skin an animal or a humanoid creature, how to make a belieavable disguise out of the flayed leather or fur.

Use a Skinning Knife with precise movements to tear the skin from muscle tissue and bone.

With enough pieces of leather, you can use them to make an outfit - a disguise of sorts.

This disguise will mask any human scent, be it a scent of fear or hunger. You will be able to fool the beast in your hunt.

Caution is advised though as this masking technique doesn't work if you get too close to the beast."