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The Skinning knife is an item in Fear & Hunger that enables the player the option to skin certain enemies.

When examining a defeated enemy, the player will be given the option to skin them. They will either obtain one of the three different skins, or will be informed that the creature's body is too hard to be skinned or that skinning would serve no purpose. If the player has read Assassin's Handbook I, they can craft a disguise. These disguises reduce the distance from which certain enemies will be aggressive towards the player.

The item can be specifically found lying on a table in Trortur's torture chambers.

The Skinning knife can also be used if the player has defeated Salmonsnake to cut off different parts of its body and obtain x6 Salmonsnake meat.

Skinnable monsters

Name Image Item
Guard skin
Elite guard
Elite guard overworld.png
Guard skin
Pale skin
Maneba overworld.png
Pale skin
Night lurch
Pale skin
Lord of flies
Lord of flies overworld.png
Lord of flies fur
Moonless overworld.png
Cavewolf fur
Salmonsnake meat