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Each character in Fear & Hunger has several attributes that can be modified by their equipment or by status effects. However, although player characters and enemies have similar attributes, in practice Fear & Hunger treats attacks made by players differently from attacks done to players, and many mechanics in the game bypass attributes completely.

Player characters


This stat indicates how much damage weapon attacks do. The standard formula for calculating damage is as follows:

  • Take the attacker's Attack stat and multiply it by 4.
  • Take the defender's Defense stat and multiply it by 2.
  • Subtract the defense calculation from the attack calculation.

There is usually some variance to the exact amount of damage done by an attack, and also a possibility of a critical hit which multiplies damage by 3. But as a basic example, if a character's Attack stat is 65 and the enemy's Defense stat is 10, one can expect to hit for around 240 damage, plus or minus 20%.

Most characters have a regular Attack power of 30. Variations to that base value are addressed in the particular characters' articles.


This stat goes unused by player characters. If an enemy hits a player character, the amount of damage done is a specific amount with around 20% variance, regardless of the character's Defense stat. The only known exception as of F&H 1.4.1 seems to be the Lizardman's Counterattack, which due to an apparent oversight uses the standard damage formula noted above. [1]

This is not to say that defensive items such as shields and armor are useless, as each piece of equipment generally comes with damage reduction for specific types of damage. But the Defense stat does not factor into this protection.

The regular Defense value for all characters is 16.


The regular M.Attack value for all characters is 16.


Like standard Defense, Magic Defense is unused in this game.

The regular M.Defense value for all characters is 16.


Determines how quickly a character can attack.

The effects of this stat are rather limited. It starts out at 10 for (almost) all characters in the game, player and enemy. Agility above 16 will give the character an extra attack per turn. In practice, player characters will always get the first attack in a battle.

The attribute also increases the chance of escaping from combat by utilizing the run skill.


This stat has an extremely low effect on the success rates of applying status effects. The standard formula for calculating this effect is as follows:

  • Subtract user's Luck from target's Luck.
  • Multiply the resulting number by 0.001.
  • Add 1.0 to the resulting number; this final resulting number is the percentage bonus.

The regular Luck value for all playable characters is 32. Almost every enemy in the game has a basic Luck of 10.

Damage resistance

These stats are not visible to the player, but most protection equipment and items can mitigate the amount of damage done to a player character based on the attack type, such as Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing, Otherworldy or Fire.