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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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Betel, also known as Bethel, is a New God and the creator of the grand libraries in the ancient city of Ma'habre, an important location in Fear & Hunger.


The famed New God of Enlightenment that created the grand libraries in Ma'habre to store the immense knowledge the world holds. He wished that the archives would one day surpass the knowledge and the wisdom of the older gods. Every new god of the enlightenment after him would from then on dedicate their cycle at the libraries to a certain subject they would decide themselves, filling the shelves with books from all forms of expertise. He is generally viewed as the father of enlightenment among the New Gods and the one who wrote about the human dilemma. Betel was eventually succeded by Nas'hrah - who apparently pulled some kind of trickery on Betel and enraged the New Gods doing so.

It is believed by modern studies that Betel's mythical figure is based on Bethel Kishar, one of the more popular scholars of ancient Mesopotamia. As New Gods were previously humans, it is possible that this scholar was Betel's previous identity before his apotheosis took place. Although he is long gone, rings of his possession can be found by adventurers in present times, with the magic that was imbued in their crystals constantly leaking to this day and age.