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The Grand Library is a location in Fear & Hunger found in the depths of the dungeons at Ma'habre.


Following Ma'habre's transformation into the home of the New Gods, the city underwent changes that catered to their fancies. Among the alterations, the grand libraries within Ma'habre stood as a testament to this change. These magnificent libraries were envisioned and crafted by Betel, a New God of Enlightenment, designed to house his vast repositories of knowledge. His aspiration was for these archives to eventually surpass the knowledge and wisdom of the Old Gods. Subsequently, every successive New God of Enlightenment who followed Betel, such as Nas'hrah and Valteil, took it upon themselves to dedicate their cycle within the libraries to a chosen subject of their own interest, adorning the shelves with books encompassing diverse realms of expertise.

Gameplay and Puzzle

  • The mannequin puzzle solution can be solved in the past timeline which is followed as:
  1. Arms behind head, thighs together.
  2. Stood on one leg, hands together as if praying.
  3. Facing left, one leg jutting out.
  4. Same as 3.
  5. Facing right, arms extended to the right.




Name Location Duration Music track
Song for Torment 02:00