Busy Figurine

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The Busy Figurine is a minor, non-playable character in Fear & Hunger.


A Clay figurine that carries a chest back and forth and was created by the Old Gods for manual labor in Ma'habre.

Location and behaviour

It can be found walking in a straight line back and forth near the Ancient Figurine and the Guardian Figurine in the lower section of the temple district in past Ma'habre. It will provide some minor information to the protagonist upon interaction.


  • If talked to:
    • Busy Figurine: "Human. Sorry, I am busy."
      • Player: "What are you doing?"
        • Busy Figurine: "Work. Work, that is the reason we were created."
          • Player: "Who created you?"
            • Busy Figurine: "Gods. They created us."
          • Player: "Have fun."
      • Player: "Who are you?"
        • Busy Figurine: "I am but a worker. That is all I am."
      • Player: "What is this Place?"
        • Busy Figurine: "Gods wanted us to build this place for them. Or not from them, but in a way for them."
          • Busy Figurine: "They have a purpose for this city."
      • Player: "Never mind."