Ancient Figurine

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The Ancient Figurine is a non-playable character who serves as a vendor in Fear & Hunger.


The current chief figurine within the past version of Ma'habre, this entity places its faith in the pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment. It possesses an assortment of books, serving as its pastime, and is open to trading these volumes with those who happen to pass by.

Location and behaviour

Can be found right next to the entrance of the Pit of Enlightenment in past Ma'habre.

Multiple useful books are sold using Silver coins:

Item Cost
Book2 small.png
Recipes of the 15th century
x80 Silver coin
Book2 small.png
Alchemillia Vol. 1
x70 Silver coin
Book2 small.png
Alchemillia Vol. 2
x80 Silver coin


  • If talked to:
    • Ancient Figurine: "Mm. Human?"
      • Ancient Figurine: "It is a rare audience."
        • Ancient Figurine: "Are you just a tourist or are you here for trading?"
          • Player: "Who are you?"
            • Ancient Figurine: "Me? I am what you would call a chief."
              • Ancient Figurine: "At least in current times. Chief figurines come and go."
          • Player: "What is this Place?"
            • Ancient Figurine: "You are and I am at the city of the gods - Ma'habre."
              • Ancient Figurine: "This is where the gods used to reside once upon a time."
                • Player: "They don't reside here anymore?"
                  • Ancient Figurine: "No. Those new ones are sleeping in their beds."
                • Player: "Where did they go?"
                  • Ancient Figurine: "I don't know. Do you?"
                • Player: "Never mind."
          • Player: "What do you have for trading?"
            • Ancient Figurine: "I believe in knowledge and enlightenment. That is why I got a selection of books to pass the time."
          • Player: "Never mind."