Cockroach King

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The Cockroach King is a unique non-playable character in Fear & Hunger.


The Cockroach King presents himself as the ruler over the many bugs that reside in the dungeon and a worshipper of the God of the Depths. Ragnvaldr explains that the God of the Depths is worshipped by forsaken creatures that prefer the darkness to the light, which obviously includes insects and especially cockroaches. All of the spells granted under the domain of God of the Depths are related to bugs or similar creatures.

Location & behaviour

The Cockroach King can be found sitting on a throne in a semi-secret area in the Thicket. The path to get to him can be found by pushing on a series of walls on the bottom right part of the first level of The Thicket, where bugs will be present and tell the player to go forward to him. A player can deduce the location of this based on past experience/the location of the small bugs, but they need Mastery over Insects to be able to speak to the Cockroach King. The Cockroach King will ignore a character that doesn't have this skill.

A character that does will be able to communicate with the Cockroach King. The King will be surprised that the character can understand them and ask them to submit and bow down to him.

Submitting to the Cockroach King will allow the player to do tasks for him. This raises the player's affinity with God of the Depths - the only way to do so in the game. The first task is to kill the Butterfly creature in the hidden Courtyard above. The second task is to kill Enki (unless the player is playing as him). If the tasks are completed, this will raise God of the Depths' affinity.

Refusing to submit to the Cockroach King will cause him to idly threaten the player and not give any tasks.