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The Thicket serves as an interesting alternative path in the dungeons of Fear & Hunger. It can reached through the Hidden Backyards after destroying the blocked pathway by using the explosive vial and entering into the tree. The player may find themself into a claustophobic area which can only be progressed by interacting specific walls and by falling down some trap holes found on the ground. It is highly recommended that the players must bring it their torchs during Terror & Starvation playthrough due to the absolute lack of lighting. By venturing through the Thicket, they might find Ragnvaldr which can join into the player's party.

Do be aware the first time the player enters The Thicket, the Crow Mauler will become active, and pursue the player throughout the dungeons.



Name Location Duration Music track
Creaking Throat of a God At the Thicket 02:25