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Aliases The Outlander

God of Ultra-Violence

Relatives Unammed ancestor
Unammed father
Hilde (deceased wife)
Björn (deceased son)
August (implied descendant)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Biographical information
Date of birth July, 1559 [1]
Place of birth Northern Kingdom of Oldegård
Physical description
Gender Male
Age 31
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Tormented soul
Item drops
Search (Fur armor and x8 Iron arrows)
Steal (x30 Silver coin)
(Shortbow and x6 Iron arrows)
Battle Theme
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"I'm ready for afterlife. Are you?"
- Ragnvaldr after being told to prepare for his death.

Ragnvaldr is a playable character and a potential party member in Fear & Hunger. Hardened in the freezing winds of the north, he is an outlander, an epitome of survival. Ragnvaldr knows all the tricks to stay alive, even in the most impossible of situations.


"An intimidating figure for sure. Seems like even a northern brute like him can appreciate finesse and knowledge."
- The New Gods when asked about Ragnvaldr.

Ragnvaldr, born with the soul of the tormented, was destined to face relentless struggles in every step of his life. However, this very burden became the forge that shaped his physical strength and unrivaled iron will, akin to that of the gods themselves.

In his early years, Ragnvaldr enjoyed a balanced childhood in the Kingdom of Oldegård, blessed with the presence of both his parents. It was his father who imparted upon him the art of war, nurturing his martial prowess and preparing him for the challenges ahead.

As time passed, the winters in the north grew colder, and the summers became shorter, plunging the land into a state of deep hunger. In the face of this plight, a grown Ragnvaldr, alongside other brave men of Oldegard, embarked on a treacherous journey westward, in search of sustenance and riches to alleviate the suffering of their people. The sea stretched endlessly before them, and the horrors of the expedition took its toll on the weary crew. Amidst the gloom, their perseverance led them to the uncharted shores of Vinland, a dark and untamed continent steeped in the shadows of ancient deities and unfamiliar gods that Ragnvaldr had never heard of. Ragnvaldr survived, helping bring back the Cube of the Depths. The experience hardened him, teaching him some of the skills he would later need to survive.

During a hunting expedition, Ragnvaldr returned to his village, only to bear witness to his worst fears materializing before his eyes: The Knights of the Midnight Sun invaded Oldegård to take the Cube of the Depths, killing many members of Ragnvaldr's tribe in the process. This included Ragnvaldr's wife and child, Hilde and Björn. Now with a heart full of anger and a desire for vengeance, Ragnvaldr embarked on a quest to the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger, in order to take back the cube and exact revenge on the army's captain, Le'garde, for all the pain his people suffered during the invasion.

Though Ragnvaldr and his Oldegårdian peers have more primitive appearances, this is only surface-level; they are unsurpassed as merchants and sailors, in addition to boasting warriors known for being strong and brave. Indeed, the skillset, fearlessness, and general knowledge that make Ragnvaldr a valuable warrior in the dungeon seem to come from his life experiences as an Oldegårdian.

Warning! Speculation ahead!

Information below is hinted on, but wasn't directly confirmed in-game.

While Ragnvaldr's fate is unknown, the events of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina suggest that he survived his journey into the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger and lived on to become the greatest monster hunter the world had ever seen, as most modern people are unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures and see them as nothing more than fairy tales. It is also implied that Ragnvaldr at some point remarried and passed down some of his knowledge to his descendants, as his soul, skillset, and resentment towards Le'garde lives on in a possible descendant, August.


Ragnvaldr is a handsome man in his thirties. He is very tall, as Miro envisions him standing at about ~185cm (or ~6'0 in ft./in.), and very muscular, having a rather intimidating figure as a consequence. He has ginger colored hair and green eyes alongside two small scars on the left side of his face.


Ragnvaldr is a man defined by his iron will, a will that allowed him to fight and survive, no matter what difficulties life threw at him. Due to his upbringing at the cold lands of the North of Europa, Ragnvaldr grew up to be a powerful man, highly skilled at the art of survival. His experiences on the dark continent of Vinland would lead him to develop a deep hatred and trauma towards the supernatural, a scar on his being that would only grow larger with the death of his family at the hands of a mercenary group, who desired an artifact that Ragnvaldr and his companions had brought from Vinland.

In his S ending, after experiencing the horrors of the dungeon, Ragnvaldr would take a vow to exterminate all of the disgusting monsters that plagued the western world, a task that he likely took upon himself as a consequence of his previous life experiences with the supernatural and the realization of how malicious and corrupting the forces of the dark were upon the world.

Despite his intimidating figure, Ragnvaldr is surprisingly kind, being able to comfort and motivate others. In a similar manner, he is very intelligent and knowledgeable, despite often being compared to a barbarian.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 40
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Has 40 Attack instead of the regular 30.
  • Can choose between different initial equipment sets during his Character History Intro (if chosen as the main character).
  • Has x3 Torch and x2 Lucky coin in inventory (if chosen as the main character).
  • Has the Tormented soul, which unlocks the Torment skill tree in the Hexen Table.
  • Can use all weapons but the Dagger and the Skeletal arm.
  • Has no Equipment/Armor restrictions.
  • Can be chosen to form Marriages, but will refuse to form a Fusion.
  • Cannot be sacrificed at ritual circles.

Character History

If skipped:
  • Gain x5 Iron arrow and x1 Bear trap.
  • Gain Devour and War cry skills.
If not skipped:
  • You were born with the soul of the tormented. You are destined to struggle in every step you take in life. Ultimately this makes you stronger physically and tempers your iron will that rivals the will of the gods themselves.
  • You had a balanced childhood in the city of Oldegård with both of your parents always present. Your father taught you in the art of war. The very first step was to choose your weapon...
    • Choose bow & arrows (Gain a Short bow and x5 Arrows)
    • Choose an axe and shield (Gain an Axe and a Wooden buckler)
  • Winters grew colder and summers shorter, which resulted a great hunger in the north. The fine men of the Oldegård set sails to the unknown west in a desperate attempt to find food and riches to feed the people.
  • You had grown into your manhood and boarded the ship. After months of sailing, the sea saw no end and the crew was struggling. Some laid weak under the deck while some some embraced the cold dark sea.
  • As the weak met their fate, the rest indulged in the greatest sin...
    • Devour your fallen comrades (Gain Devour)
    • Don't give in (Gain Bloodlust)
      • Eventually you lost your mind to the hunger. While the others feasted on the fallen, you cried the night on the deck like a raging wolf.
  • As if the trip wasn't gloomy enough, when you finally found land it was something no one in the civilized world could've ever imagined. From the far reaches of the world you found the dark continent of Vinland.
  • The continent had never been touched by a civilized man. The land was tainted by ancient deities and gods you had never even heard of. The things you witnessed there left a mark in you that could never be washed away.
  • Some of your comrades lost their minds while others tried to pillage anything worthwhile before leaving the macabre place.
    • Take souveniers from Vinland (Gain a Soul stone, prompt coinflip)
      • (On failed coinflip) Unfortunately the relics you brought from the trip tainted you and you formed a Panophobia, a fear of everything.
    • Don't touch anything and flee back to your ship (Gain nothing, enables Dash later)
  • An ancient artefact was brought from the dark continent. You knew it was a mistake, but the choice wasn't in your hands. You knew something bad would follow sooner or later...
  • The bad omens would soon reveal themselves as sometime after your return during one of your many hunting trips, you came back to your village only to witness your worst fears come to life.
  • A mercenary army had raided your village.
  • You witnessed your home village burning, your family slain and the artefact stolen. Those who survived the raid described the army and its captain.
  • He was the famous captain from the fabled mercenary army Knights of the Midnight Sun. You immediately packed and left after him.
  • The man would witness the iron will tempered both in the freezing north and in the dark continent of Vinland.
    • Stock up on equipment (Gain x3 Iron arrows and a Bear trap)
    • Stock up on food (Gain a Dried meat, a Moldy bread, and x3 Carrots)
    • Stock up on healing items (Gain x4 Blue herbs, a White vial, and x2 Cloth fragments)
    • Rush straight after him (Gain Dash, if "Don't touch anything" was chosen earlier)
  • You learned that the man has since been taken in to the dungeons of Kingdom of Rondon. In to the notorious dungeons of Fear & Hunger.
  • (If Hard Mode is on)
    • You set your mind - You will kill everything that carries a dark soul in the dungeons, you will have your revenge and the dark artefact will be yours again. There is no other way.

Ragnvaldr has the arguably the most limited intro among the playable characters, since it offers barely useful skills and equipment. He is also the only character that has a Coin flip in his intro. Despite having the highest attack value, among the four characters, Ragnvaldr is recommended only to those who already have some experience at the game.

If one wishes to start a run with the best possible skills and equipment, the following choices are recommended:

  • Don't skip the intro.
  • "Choose bow & arrows"
  • "Devour your fallen comrades" or "Don't give in"
  • "Don't touch anything and flee back to your ship"
  • "Rush straight after him"

Since choosing to "Take souveniers from Vinland" will trigger a coin flip that will give you a permanent debuff if failed, it is best to just choose to not touch anything, as doing so will also enable the far more useful Dash. Bow and arrows are also more useful, as it is pretty easy to find better weapons than the axe, and long-range weapons are pretty rare. Meanwhile the choice between Devour and Bloodlust is not as straightforward as the other ones, as both skills are quite troublesome to use, while Devour is more useful as it will allow you to eat corpses and save food items, you will need to remember to search the corpses before eating them, as doing otherwise will cause you to eat the items and lose them forever.[2][3]

Special event - Killing Le'garde

If Ragnvaldr is the protagonist and manages to find Le'garde alive in the catacombs, the player will have the unique option to kill him by breaking his neck. This event will culminate in a fight to the death with D'arce if she is in the party at the moment. Although Ragnvaldr may convince her to stop the fight through the use of the Talk skill, she will leave the party forever.

As a party member

The protagonist is offered the chance to save Le'garde from Ragnvaldr. Triggering this scene will force the player to choose a side.

If recruited, Ragnvaldr will have the War cry skill learned. He has a high attack value, just like when he is selected as the main character. He is one of the best damage dealers in the game, being especially useful in boss fights, since it is in those fights where his War cry skill and higher damage output really shines. Although he can be used as a tank, he is not as good as D'arce due to his lack of defensive skills.[4]

Recruitable human characters with 50 or less Mind points may attempt to leave the party in certain locations, forcing the protagonist to either leave them behind and recover their sanity through items or convince them to resume the journey without defecting. Ragnvaldr, in particular, has a special interaction with Enki, as he will prevent Ragnvaldr from leaving once. The same works the other way around, as he will do the same once for Enki when his Mind points are low. Ragnvaldr will also prevent Cahara and D'arce from leaving once, although they do not return the favor.

Ragnvaldr's interactions with Le'garde demonstrate that he harbors open hostility towards him. He declares to the player that he is here to recover the Cube and eliminate the person who took it from him, becoming rather sadden if he finds Le'garde already dead at his cell, frustrated that his revenge was taken away from him.

Special event - Ragnvaldr & Le'garde's brawl

Approaching the entrance of the dim present Ma'habre with both Le'garde and Ragnvaldr as recruited allies will trigger a fight between them at the gates, which Ragnvaldr will win without player intervention. Letting Le'garde die will enrage D'arce if she is also present, forcing the player to pick between killing the two knights or killing Ragnvaldr. This entire scenario can be avoided by simply entering Ma'habre in the bright past.

Location and recruiting

Initially, Ragnvaldr can be encountered in the Courtyard, where he mistakes the player for a malevolent inhabitant of the dungeon. He observes that the dungeon's wickedness is of a pure sort, seeking to extend its reach beyond corrupting the world, akin to his experiences in Vinland.

He can be found a second time on the east side of the fourth level of the Thicket, just above the Eastern sword. He will then explain that the God of the Depths is near and will impart knowledge about them. If the player has spoken to him and exhausted all of his dialogue options, they can recruit him at this point.

Should Ragnvaldr not be recruited before the protagonist reaches Ma'habre during "Terror & Starvation" mode, he will ultimately perish. His decapitated body, stricken with a Brain Flower, will be roaming the Thicket, requiring the player to engage in combat with him upon contact. Due to a bug in the current version of the game, he will die before the battle itself takes place.

Ragnvaldr will not be present in Hard Mode until after entering Ma'habre and will appear infected in the Thicket, making him unavailable for recruitment, just like most other party members in Hard Mode.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 100% 115% 100% 100% 100% 55% 40% None
Torso 1890 (2900) 5% None
Arms 350 5% None
Left leg 20 5% None
Right leg 20 5% None


As one of the few recruitable party members in the game, it is recommended to simply avoid fighting him or just let him join your party. The most effective way to defeat him is to target his arms first, as he will use them to fire arrows at the player's party. Once the arms are removed, proceed to target his legs and then take out his head.

While he is a relatively simple enemy to deal with, it should be noted that Ragnvaldr has a Coin flip attack, which will instantly kill the player if failed.

Item drops

If the player uses the Steal skill on Ragnvaldr, they will either gain x30 Silver coin or one Shortbow and x6 Iron arrows. Once dead, he will drop Fur armor and x8 Iron arrows. If a soul stone is used on his body, the player will gain Ragnvaldr's Tormented soul, unlocking the Torment skill tree at the Hexen table and giving the player the option to skip the Tormented One's boss fight.


See Ragnvaldr's dialogue.


“The outlander is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. But it is satisfying.”
Search (Fur armor, and 8x Iron arrows) “You undress the outlander and take the Fur armor with you.”
“You also find 8 iron arrows.”
Leave Success Nothing
Using a Soul stone (Tormented soul) “The Soul stone changed it's appearance. The stone is radiating faint blue light.”

Dungeon Nights

Ragnvaldr appears in the secret dating sim mode, Dungeon Nights, as a playable character and potential love interest. In this mode, Ragnvaldr takes on the role of an adventurous student, who has a love for exploring and interacting with nature. He will constantly go into the dungeon and is more than pleased if the player agrees to join him.

If the player chooses not to play as Ragnvaldr, they will be able to go to the prom with him if they manage to raise his relationship meter to a total of five "hearts". To succeed in Ragnvaldr's Route, do the following:

  • 1 Day
    • Talk to him. Agree to go with him to the dungeons.
    • Go to the dungeons and find him there.
  • 2 Day
    • Agree to go with him to the dungeons again.
    • Go to the Prisons (lv.2) and find him there.
  • 3 Day
    • The same routine, but at The Mines (lv. 3).
  • 4 Day
    • The same routine, but at Lv. 4.


  • Ragnvaldr's name is made up of two Old Norse elements: regin meaning "advice, counsel", and valdr meaning "power, ruler". Putting it together, it could be phrased, "powerful ruler who gives advice or counsel."
  • Interestingly, Ronn Chambara, the Tormented One, shares a similar meaning as Ronn is another variation of the name, Ron. Ron comes from the name, Ronald, which in turn comes from Raghnall, and in turn, comes from Ragnvaldr. Not only do they share this name similarity, but they also share the same soul type: soul of the Tormented.
  • Ragnvaldr might be a reference to Guts the main character from Kentro Miura's manga Berserk as both are large gruff warriors on a misson to kill a man that leads a mercenary group and covets godhood through sacrifice.
  • Ragnvaldr's (Outlander) look seems to be inspired by the Castlevania protagonist Simon Belmont, whom had several designs over the years. In Ragnvaldr's case, his appearance is a blend of Simon's 'Chronicles' artwork (red hair and facial features) and his barbarian design of the original games.
    • This is further referenced story-wise in Termina (if the theory about August being a descendant of his tribe holds true). In Castlevania, Simon resolves to prepare future descendants of his clan to fight against an immortal threat named Dracula, whom lives on for various centuries. Much like Ragnvaldr preparing his tribe against their own ageless enemy, the Yellow King.



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