Creation of life I

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Creation of life I is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger.

The book teaches how to craft the following items: Fetus




  • Author: Nosramus
  • Description: A the book containing a recipe for advanced alchemy.

"Nosramus - 13th of the 5th moon of 1109 - The prolonged studies with the black growth hormone finally produces some results. The black liquid has proven to be very potent in my previous research, but this new discovery is unlike anything I expected. A mixture with human blood has created a new artificial life form. The results are a tiny fetus with human features. It is breathing lightly and seems to be in constant agony.

Nosramus - 1st of the halfmoon of 1109 - The life form is ever so hungry, but no matter how much nurishment I feed it, there is no visible growth. I am doing experiments with different sources of food but nothing seems to work. It's as if this miserable being is destined to forever remain in this state of constant agony.

Nosramus - 30th of the halfmoon of 1109 - The appetite is nothing short of astonishing, but it produces no effect in its growth.

Nosramus - 2nd of the 6th moon of 1109 - I killed the child. It had no purpose in this world. I am questioning whether we, as humans, were ever meant to create artificial life. I must once again study the teachings of the older gods to attain such miracles."