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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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Nosramus is a white-haired alchemist living and studying in the dungeons of Fear and Hunger. He doesn't seem to radiate immediate danger or aggression, but something about their stature seems almost otherworldly or ancient.


"He was part of the fellowship that consisted of 4 of the current new gods. He supposedly understood the true nature of the greater scheme and thus refused his ascension. He is since forgotten in our eyes and must be left in the darkness for the time he will rot."
- The New Gods when asked about Nosramus.

In the year 809, as the kingdoms of the world decayed and mankind's ideals faded without the guidance of the Old Gods, a group called the Fellowship was formed. Nosramus was its fifth member, joining alongside Francóis, Nilvan, Ronn Chambara, and Valteil. Together, they embarked on a journey to Ma'habre in search of the Old Gods. However, while all others in the Fellowship ascended to become New Gods, Nosramus did not.

Often referred to as the "Forgotten One," there exist scant written records about Nosramus, leaving his true intentions shrouded in uncertainty. Depending on the version of the tale embraced, Nosramus was either deceived by the Old Gods or attempted to deceive the Fellowship himself. In reality, Nosramus opted not to ascend alongside his peers in the Fellowship but instead pursued a path of true enlightenment. This decision perhaps accounts for his notably different demeanor compared to figures like Valteil. It is believed that Nosramus uncovered the secrets of immortality, which could explain his prolonged lifespan.

Deciding to stay in the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger for an extensive duration, Nosramus devoted himself to studies across various fields of knowledge. He delved deeply into the realms of blood magic, deities, gods, and an assortment of other subjects. At the present juncture within the first game's narrative, his primary areas of interest revolved around nature and the heartbeat of the Earth. Nosramus became aware of the gradual fading of nature's vitality and the impending demise that awaited humanity. It was this realization that compelled him to remain within the dungeons, where the primal laws of nature still thrived and the presence of the gods pervaded the surroundings. During his stay, the Old Knight had assumed the role of his devoted servant.


Despite being very old, Nosramus looks like a young androgynous man with long white hair and pale complexion. He has, what appears to be, dark circles around his eyes and for clothing he wears a simple grey robe. Due to his thin figure and fair skin, Nosramus can easily be mistaken for a woman.


Nosramus is a man who embodies the soul of the enlightened, always willing to learn more and always aware of his ignorance. He is a very wise man with a strong will, having the necessary self-control and maturity to decline the false power promised by the Golden throne.

Location & behaviour

Depending on the player's actions, Nosramus will be either friendly or hostile towards them (not in the sense of attacking, but more so ignoring what one has to say). For Nosramus to be friendly, the player must introduce themselves when first meeting him in the cave west of the Mines, and not hide in the shadows, or else that will offend him and potentially end any sort of interaction with him for that playthrough. It is especially recommended to not do this if one is trying to do Enki's Ending S run as interacting with Nosramus is needed to acquire the one needed object to achieve the ending.

Once the player is within his room after defeating the Old Knight, Nosramus' bodyguard and faithful undead servant, they can simply go to him and talk, while avoiding look into his chest. Nosramus will warn the player initially to back off from it, but if they just go ahead and open and take whatever is in it, he will no longer talk to the player and end any potential dialogue and lore information one might get from him, while also ending the chances of achieving Enki's Ending S run. After moving to his second hideout nearby Salmonsnake's pool, the player can check this chest freely, as Nosramus will no longer be bothered.

Dark Priest Ending S – The Enlightenment

If playing as Enki, Nosramus gives you the Spirit Anchor. The Spirit Anchor lets you to see your reflection in the Void but still ground yourself to reality and not give in to the lust of power that godhood provided. In the Void, you "fight" Nosramus and get to decide your fate as a new god. However, this is simply a vision of the future: thanks to Nosramus' help you are able to resist giving in and become like him; an enlightened one.


See Nosramus's dialogue.


  • His name might have been taken or inspired by a man named Michel de Nostredame. The name is usually Latinized as Nostradamus. The man was a French astrologer, physician, and a reputed seer. Nostradamus is known for his book Les Prophéties, which is a collection of 942 poetic quatrains that allegedly predicted future events and prophecies that will happen after his time.
  • While the unedited Fellowship book refers to Nosramus as a 'she', the edited Fellowship book refers to Nosramus as 'he'. When Nosramus is encountered, the game describes the alchemist as androgynous but male ("his footsteps sound distant before vanishing completely into the thin moist air.")
    • It is likely due to Nosramus' comparatively obscure reputation that authors became unsure. Referring to Nosramus as 'she' could be referencing the gender ambiguity of the long hair.
  • Despite having reached enlightenment and having a curious nature, there is no proof or confirmation that Nosramus has a Enlightened soul.