Creation of life II

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Creation of life II is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger. It will teach the player how to create a Demon Kid.

The book teaches one how to use the following skill: Demon seed


  • Can be crafted
    Recipe: Book pages I, Book pages II and Book pages III


  • Author: Nosramus
  • Description: A book describing the teachings of Sylvian and her love magic called the 'Demon seed'.

The book is written by an alchemist by the name of Nosramus.

The book contains detailed instructions on how to learn the secrets of the older god Sylvian and her gifts of creation.

The book goes in to details on the macabre ways of laying down your seed in the most fertile grounds possible, a freshly deceased corpse.

The magic of Demon seed would then give you a child tainted by the touch of the older gods.