Flip side - Basement

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Flip side - Basement is a unrevisitable location within Fear & Hunger, reached through Level 2 - Basement; players face the risk of encountering a floor tile trap that transports them to this area.


Its nature remains ambiguous, whether it manifests as a physical space, an alternate reality, or a hallucination induced by the Black witch herself. This uncertainty is accentuated by the existence of the main character's grave within this realm while they are still alive.


The dimly lit area mostly comprises of a few small and vacant rooms. While the player is in this dimension, the Black witch will periodically encircle them every few seconds, laughing, until her third appearance, which initiates a fight.

The area is brief and contains very few containers to loot, making it easy for players to escape and avoid the encounter if they are fast enough. After the witch's defeat, her body cannot be searched or skinned, and the area cannot be explored further, making it more practical to avoid the encounter altogether. Defeating the Black witch or going through the open door to the northeast part of this map will bring the player back to Level 2 - Basement; note that revisiting Flip side - Basement afterwards is impossible.


Enemy encounters

  • Black witch - She spawns and immediately attacks the player after 800 frames (13.333... seconds) of entering the zone. Killing the Black witch here causes her to disappear forever, which renders the Black witch soul unattainable. To prevent that, the player should avoid killing her in this location, as she can also appear in the Grand Library where her corpse potentially can be used to get the accessory (note that she will only make an appearance at this location in Terror & Starvation mode).


In Flip side - Basement, players can find two lootable barrels, two lootable crates, and a wine barrel that provides an opportunity for players to gather Wine vials, albeit at the cost of one Glass vial per use.

Hidden passage

A grave with a corpse of the player, found in a hidden passage in Flip side.

Within this location, there is a concealed passage that leads to a series of rooms. Upon reaching the sarcophagus, the player may descend further to come across a chamber that contains a lifeless body. If the player continues to descend, they will arrive at a grave bearing the protagonist's name, with a corresponding corpse interred within it. In the case of becoming a Marriage, the grave will hold the protagonist's former self.