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Map #3 is a map found in Fear & Hunger. It is a treasure map which reveals a location from the precious items in Ma'habre.


Can be obtained by searching from Isayah's corpse after finding the second treasure, at Ma'habre.


If Isayah is not dead already, upon unearthing both chests, he will make an appearance and congratulate the player on solving the maps and then state he intends to take the treasure for himself before initiating combat. Upon being killed, Map #3 can be looted from his body.

This map representation is not normally accessible in the past. You will need to get the Old Passage Key from the Tombs of the Gods. In order to do so, you must solve the puzzles in the tomb in the past then return in the present. Past Alll-Mer's skeleton to the right there will be a chest which contains the key. Bring this key to the beacon of the depths outside the tower of endless, you will find a hole in the wall of a building nearby. Within that building will be the door which the Old Passage Key goes to. Use it there and then explore the area until you find a symbol covered by vines that matches the one on the map. There are multiple symbols but eventually one will allow the correct number of paces leading to the treasure. The player will receive The King's crown.