Mutilated body

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Mutilated body

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Aliases Ghoul
Jann (in-game files)
Relatives Unnamed wife
Two unnamed children
The protagonist (creator, determinant)
Affiliation The protagonist (master, determinant)
Unammed graverobber band (formerly)
Biographical information
Date of birth 1590 (as a Ghoul, determinant)
Date of death 1590 (determinant)
Place of birth Ma'habre (as a Ghoul, determinant)
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Undead

The Mutilated body is what remains of a minor deceased character in Fear & Hunger. He is also a potential party member for a character able to use Necromancy.


This man's earlier life revolved around farming in a remote village, where he lived with his wife and two children. However, a prolonged dry season forced him to seek alternative means of income. Desperate for survival, he joined a group of graverobbers, ultimately leading him into the depths of the dungeons of Fear and Hunger's dungeons. His motive was to uncover the long-buried riches hidden within these ancient ruins.

As fate would have it, the dungeons became his final resting place. After his demise, only his mutilated remains can be discovered in Ma'habre, serving as a testament to his ill-fated quest for wealth.

Location and recruitment

His remains are located in present-day Ma'habre's Temple District, at the bottom of the staircase leading up to a Ritual Circle. A character with the Necromancy skill will be able to revive him as a Ghoul and have him join the party. As it is custom to resurrected characters, he can be named by the player as they wish and is identical to other recruitable Ghouls in the game, meaning he is AI-controlled and cannot wear any equipment.


  • According to the game's project file, this character is named Jann. Game creator Miro Haverinen has revealed that this name is a component of the character's obscured backstory, even though it does not surface during gameplay, as the Ghouls were originally intended to be named by the player.