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Relatives The protagonist (creator, determinant)
Affiliation The protagonist (master, determinant)
Biographical information
Date of birth 1590 (determinant)
1942 (determinant)
Place of birth Dungeons of Fear & Hunger (determinant)
Prehevil (determinant)
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Undead
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Ghouls are enemies and potential party members in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Using the Necromancy skill on a dead Ghoul will raise it, turning it into a party member and allowing the player to give it a name. Notably, this does not work on ancient Ghouls, as they are too decrepit to stand.


Those whose physical and mental fortitude couldn’t hand the ever-pressing darkness. They lost their mind.
- The New Gods when asked about Ghouls.

Ghouls are products of necromancy, and can be destroyed by telling them this. It is also implied by the New Gods that the horrors and supernatural effects of the dungeon can turn one into a Ghoul. Talking to Ghouls during a battle encounter can cause them to hesitate or outright surrender, showing that they still retain some of their humanity.

Each Ghoul has their own unique origin. In Fear & Hunger, using the Talk skill on a Ghoul when they are in your party will yield unique dialogue saying that they would like to tell you their story, but cannot - although the text tells you of their origin:

  • The Prisoner was a guard who was killed by Dark Priests as a blood sacrifice to Gro-goroth.
  • The Prisoner (Ground) was a guard who starved to death after locking himself in a cell to avoid the horrors the other guards committed against each other.
  • The Mutilated body in Ma'habre was from a farmer who resorted to graverobbing in desperate times, only to succumb to the dungeon.

Fear & Hunger

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 16
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32

Ghouls are AI-controlled party members that attack at random for 35-53 damage - enough to sever limbs. They cannot use any items or equipment, but can still succumb to the same status effects that humans can, despite being undead.

Ghouls are among the frailest party members of the game, primarily due to their inability to use equipment. Additionally, they will never be able to use the Guard command since they are AI-controlled. In a normal run, Ghouls can be thought of as disposable allies, as they can be killed or sacrificed with minimal loss to the team. They are always willing to be sacrificed or form a Marriage at a Ritual Circle, and their limbs can be removed as a food source or to get rid of infections in a pinch, since they don't use any weapons. Even in Hard mode, where options for allies are scarce, Ghouls still pale in comparison to Skeletons.

In that sense, it is best to utilize Ghouls opportunistically rather than permanently, as having one as a permanent party member is rarely the most effective choice unless there are no other options available. If there's no alternative, teaching them spells like Combustion can at least enhance their damage output since their AI will prioritize spell usage over their inherently weak attacks.

Location and recruitment

There are two enemy Ghouls that can be resurrected through Necromancy and added to the party: the Prisoner and the Prisoner (Ground). The first one can be found on Level 1 - Entrance, either blocking the door to the Courtyard or guarding a chest. The Ground variation can be found crawling around one of the cells of the Prisons.

The Mutilated body can also be found and resurrected as a third Ghoul in present-day Ma'habre's Temple District, at the bottom of the staircase leading up to a Ritual Circle.

Bloody man variations can be found and fought in the present-day Tombs of the Gods, but cannot be resurrected by the player with Necromancy as their flesh is too weak to stand.

Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

There are two kinds of characters that can be resurrected through Necromancy and serve the party as ghouls: fallen Bremen soldiers and moonscorched sickle villagers. Their difference is purely aesthetical.

Gameplay traits

  • Is AI-controlled.
  • Cannot use weapons or shields.
  • Cannot spend Rev points.
  • Cannot use Heroin.

Ghouls in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina as party members are rather similar to their original counterparts, although they now have access to limited equipment options and are no longer Phobia-free characters.

Location and recruitment

Among the three regular soldiers from Bremen can be found around Old Town, two of them are already deceased when the game starts - possibly as victims of their own Termina Festival, which happened shortly before the events of the game take place. At the Old Town - Mayor's Manor portion of the city, in the same area where one can reach the Mayor's Manor, one of these deceased soldiers' body can be reanimated through Necromancy. The second one, Jonni, will be lying dead close to a pool of blood at the second level of Tunnel 7 and can also be made into a ghoul. Soldier still lives and lingers, in a delirious state, around the destroyed part of the inner city. After falling in-battle, he can be resurrected like the other two.

The three villagers that can be resurrected can all be found at Old Town and have to be killed beforehand.


  • According to the game's project file, the Crazed Prisoner, Prisoner and mutilated corpse Ghouls in Fear & Hunger are named Hubert, Geringo and Jann.