Natural doctrine I

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Natural doctrine I is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Valteil
  • Description: Book recounting the studies around the creation of life. The book is written by the new god, Valteil.

"These are my studies over the subject of creation of an artificial life form. Such ability transcends humanity and the limits mankind has set to itself.

During my time as a man, walking midst people, such studies were frowned upon. The other scholars would bring such topics as morality and ethics to the table. But I believe this to be the final pillar we must overcome in order to ascend to the true god status. To be equals with the older gods. Or even more.

The older gods have shown talent for creation of life, since the beginning of times. The animated clay figurines that inhabit Ma'habre are a perfect example of this. They are just golems created for physical work. Without rest, they carry on their duties. The older gods would then create life for different purposes whenever necessary. All this I believe eventually led to the ultimate life form - The human being. This is the aim of my studies as well. I believe I understand enough to be able to achieve this.

I must achieve this. To be truly self-sufficient, independent of the grand scheme of things - This is the key to the natural progression, where the man finally overcomes it's creators. - Valteil"