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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"...It's all pointless. Mankind has no hope. There is no way to break these chains... the worst part is, I don't even know if the gods exist."
- Valteil as he hangs himself.

Valteil is a major story character and boss encountered Fear & Hunger. He is a member of the Fellowship that sought out to become one of the New Gods.


"The new god of enlightenment. Valteil is current master of the grand libraries. He is obsessed with creation of artificial life. He has wasted his cycle at the libraries on the subject without much triumph. He believes this to be the key to true godhood. He believes creation of life closes the gap between the new and the older gods."
- The New Gods when asked about Valteil.

Valteil was a member of the Fellowship, a group comprising Francóis, Nilvan, Ronn Chambara, and Nosramus. His attire serves as confirmation of a previous role as a Dark Priest before his ascent.

In the year 809, the Fellowship embarked on a journey to attain the status of New Gods. Their path led them into the realms of Ma'habre, where all but Nosramus ascended to become powerful entities. Valteil, in particular, rose to become the Enlightened One, establishing himself within the Grand Libraries of the Ancient city. Deeply immersed in his studies, Valteil became an immensely knowledgeable New God, devoting his existence to the pursuit of understanding the creation of artificial life.

As he believed that this endeavor could bridge the divide between the New Gods and the Old Gods, Valteil sought to fashion a working-class being similar to the eternal clay figurines of Ma'habre. However, fearing that his creations would outlast him, he opted to craft artificial lifeforms from flesh, thereby imposing a limited lifespan upon them. Notably, Valteil successfully brought forth the Lord of flies, as well as a mechanical entity named Uterus, for his "past-time pleasure".

By the close of the 16th century, having wielded the mantle of a New God for nearly 800 years, Valteil had descended into despair, convinced that true enlightenment was an unattainable dream. He had realized that mankind has no hope, as the greater scheme of things chained them inescapably. Acknowledging the wisdom of his former companion Nosramus, who resisted the throne of ascension, Valteil now viewed his own ascension as a New God as a great mistake. Accepting these mistakes as integral to his personal growth, Valteil chose to hang himself, opting to await his death. Nas'hrah, harboring a deep animosity towards Valteil, comments that the New God deserves what he got and makes disturbing accusations of pedophilia, though their veracity remains uncertain.

Events recounted in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina illustrate that Valteil was indeed In the game, he can be observed alongside other inactive entities in the Hall of the Gods, an indication that his reign as an influential figure had reached its end.


Valteil is capable of shapeshifting, being able to switch between his former human form and his New God form. In his human form, he looks like a normal human male with yellow colored skin. He can also show himself as a large pale head with an exposed brain. He has a third eye that will slowly grow from the middle of his brain, acquiring the shape of an erect penis.



He resides in the deepest part of the grand libraries in past Ma'habre, behind the doors of the mannequin puzzle.(see solution here) When the player walks within the room where he resides, Valteil will be standing at the edge of a giant library shelf. After a short period, he will jump down. Should the player follow him all the way down, the fight will begin.

Defeating Valteil in battle will grant the player his Enlightened soul, which unlocks the Enlightenment skill tree in the Hexen Table and is one of the three souls needed to enter the Golden Temple. A player who prefers not fighting him will have to resort to collecting Enki's soul instead (as he shares the same soul as Valteil) or using Empty scrolls.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 3500 (7000) 100% 115% 100% 100% 100% 5% None Confusion, Blindness
Left brain 2500 100% 100% 115% 100% 100% 5% None
Right brain 2500 5% None
Third eye 1500 5% None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Every turn, both sides of Valteil's brain will either spend the turn thinking, or attack the party. It is important to focus on the right brain first, as this is the main damage source - the "creative" section that casts spells, such as Hurting (capable of destroying limbs) and Black orb. His left brain (right side) only uses Headbutt, which afflicts the whole party, but with relatively low damage. The head should be targeted last, as it will become completely harmless once both sides of the brain are killed.

The third eye only attacks when fully formed (4 turns) and has the smallest amount of HP from all the body parts, so it can be ignored. When fully formed however, it will cast Whispers of Gro-goroth, a unique spell that makes the victim die after five turns.

It is recommended to apply status effects to the head in the first turn.

The player can talk with the God, which will make him communicate a question to the player - mostly concerning Fear & Hunger lore and information found within the books in the game. If answered correctly, all his body parts will recieve 400-600 damage. Answering incorrectly doesn't cause anything. This doesn't work during extra turns.

Due to a bug, Whispers of Gro-goroth cannot be cured in this fight.

Questions & answers

  • "The original god of destruction... One of whom is the very prime ingredient for existence... Like shadow to light... Who is his counter-part?" [ Sylvian ]
  • "Among us... the new gods... I am Valteil to the enlightenment as Francóis is to the domination. Who is torment...?" [ Chambara ]
  • "We, the new gods... While still walking among men...Our fellowship, when did we embark on our journey to ascension?" [ In the year 809 ]
  • "As Valteil the enlightened one... Who preceded me here at the grand libraries?" [ Nas'hrah ]
  • "Alll-mer the ascended one... The last of the older gods. What year marks the birth of his new self?" [ Year 0 ]
  • "The character who walks among men... Called the Pocketcat. Is he the servant of which older god?" [ The Trickster moon god ]
  • "The dark continent.... whence the darkness slowly leaks to the western world... Where the day only shines..... eternal darkness and grey gloom.... What is it called among the people of Europa?" [ Vinland ]
  • "Rher the god from the unknown beyond the blue skies... He has an effect to feeble humans, what is it called?" [ It's called moonlight cancer. ]


  • Although enemy spellcasters will usually trigger Rhabdophobia, Valteil himself will not cause this effect if encountered.
  • If Nas'hrah is brought to his present day corpse (found in the same area as he is fought, trying to hang himself), he will call Valteil a "child molesting bastard." It is however worth noting that Nas'hrah is not the most reliable source, and keen to insult and incinerate all of the New Gods he encounters.
  • A previous version of the academic book The Fellowship ch.1 (Original) gave Valteil the title "The scholar of arts". There is no information to confirm whether he held this title during his human life or after his ascension as a New God, and the title itself is no longer canonical as the text was eventually altered in-game.