Natural doctrine II

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Natural doctrine II is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Valteil
  • Description: Book recounting the studies around the creation of life. The book is written by the new god, Valteil.

"For my starting point, I've set my aims to create a worker class being, similar to the clay figurines of ancient times. There is one clear flaw in the design of the clay figurines however. They are seemigly eternal beings. Only as they get damaged over time, do they eventually perish.

I do not believe my creations, my children so to speak, should ever outlive me, their creator, their father. That is why I decided to create the life form from the very same fabric fragile humans were created from. Flesh.

The silhouette of the form is very sturdy in order to carry on the working duties. I was able to combine existing matter into one and the life form has gotten its shape already. The hairyness is a side-product of mold. It doesn't serve any obvious purpose, but I suppose it could keep the form warm in more colder climates as well. I was able to achieve this form rather easily and there doesn't seem to be any immediate flaws in its design either.

Before going further with my studies, I decided to test different approaches as well. Besides organic matter, I decided to work in creating a mechanical life. Mechanical structures are far more simple than those created from flesh, so the figurine was ready in just few years. The figurine is not strong enough for physical labor nor do I need another one for the same purpose, so I repurposed them for my past-time pleasure.

I have already achieved all this in a matter of few years. I can only imagine what I'll be able to achieve with the eternity I have before me. -Valteil"