Poems of Love and Torment

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Poems of Love and Torment is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Ronn Chambara
  • Description: A perfect collection of love letters written by the storied hero Ronn Chambara.

"Chained Heart - by Ronn Chambara -

Silent grace in life, hid in your eye.

In eyes I used to dream all night.

Wasted tears weigh'in my back.

From our love of lies, lies.

I used to stay wake all nights.

Chains in my heart, gaining weight before your eyes.

Too heavy for me to bear, can't you see me suffer?

So hard to withstand, even a sight of your eyes.

Chains in my heart - so heavy - I can't defy..."

You ponder these lines in your head.