Ragnvaldr's ancestor

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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"You remember how in exchange for a plate of your father, the animals would teach you their own tricks of trade for survival."
- The Book of Memories when used by Ragnvaldr.

Ragnvaldr's ancestor is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. An outlander like Ragnvaldr himself, the memories of his long-past life might be accessed by his descendant through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.


In the frozen wastelands of Oldegård, Ragnvaldr's ancestor braved frigid winters, where the endurance of Oldegard's people was tested by both the harsh climate and the watchful eyes of the gods. Only those with unwavering strength would witness the sun's return in the spring. During this bleak time, this man's father cast hunger-stricken gazes from the darkened corner of their modest hut. Two weeks had passed without food gracing their lips. As starvation drives even the noblest soul to madness, the father, weakened by his dire circumstances, made his move under the glow of the full moon. Feeble arms sought to wrestle his son down, but the toll of hunger had rendered him frail and powerless. In this struggle, it was the son who emerged as the stronger of the two.

The following day, Ragnvaldr's ancestor found himself amidst a feast unlike any other. The abundance of meat would sustain not only himself but also animals dwelling in the surrounding forests. A plate filled with the flesh of his own father was then exchanged for the animals' own tricks of trade for survival.

After many generations, the tricks that he had learned from from the animals would become available to one of his descendants, Ragnvaldr, through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories. These tricks included the ability to enter a state of trance and the ability to use the bow and arrow with great proficiency.