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Kingdom of Oldegård
Background information
Type Nation · kingdom
Rivals Bremen Empire(during the Second Great War)
Locations Northern capital

The Kingdom of Oldegård is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series. It is a frigid land area up north of the Bremen Empire and east or northeast of the Kingdom of Rondon.


"The northern kingdom that has stayed independant for the most parts. Known for their iron will and advanced ships that sail even to the most western continents."
- The New Gods when asked about Oldegård.

The Kingdom of Oldegård is renowned for its independence and its people's iron wills and advanced ships, which enabled them to navigate the previously uncharted western regions of the world. Although the Oldegårdians may have had a primitive appearance in the past, this is merely superficial. They excel as merchants and sailors, and their warriors are known for their strength and bravery, valuable resources that aid their survival in the harsh winters that the country is famous for. The kingdom boasts intriguing cultural artifacts like the Pinecone Pig amulet and Salmonsnake rune. They also share the folklore stories depicting the Skin Granny.

Oldegård is said to have discovered the distant western continent, Vinland, in 1009. In 1577, the Oldegårdians revisited Vinland in search of resources and treasures, leading to the discovery of the Cube of the Depths artifact. Upon their return, the Knights of the Midnight Sun raided and invaded an Oldegårdian village in their pursuit of the cube, leaving Ragnvaldr as one of the few survivors of this event.

During the twentieth century, Oldegård suffered greatly during the First Great War, with the northern capital having to rebuild its cities in the aftermath of the destruction. The nation would also become embroiled in the Second Great War, leading to conflict with the Bremen Empire and necessitating an alliance with Rondon and the Eastern Union.

Ragnvaldr, an Outlander, hails from Oldegård and considers it his home. Other notable figures from this kingdom are Abella and August, two of the main characters in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Considering that the map seen in Nosramus' laboratory is the map of the world of Fear & Hunger, which corresponds to the real world, Oldegård is then based on the real-world nations of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Though in 1590, the Kingdoms of Norway and Denmark were in a joint union, and the Kingdom of Sweden was an independent state, as it had broken off from the Kalmar Union between the Nordic states in 1523. In this sense, Oldegård is a representation of the Nordic states in a union, similar to the Kalmar Union in the past of the real world.
  • Oldegård's name might have been inspired by another name of the union of Norway and Denmark, the Oldenburg realms and Oldenburg monarchy as the rulers of these lands are of the House of Oldenburg.
    • Ragnvaldr's name is also Old Norse in origin, further giving credence to this fact.